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How To Reach Path Of Exile Level Cap?

Path of Exile is an online action role-playing game in the dark fantasy world of Wraeclastt.

It provides intriguing features such as deep character customization, socketable skill gems, immense itemization and a crafting system.

One of these features is the level Cap, the maximum level a character can reach in the game.

Leveling up in Path of Exile is not easy; it takes hours of gameplay, making the best builds to enhance your play style, and killing the monster. However, the max level you can get in POE is up to level 100.

Continue reading to learn more about the Path of Exile and the strategies to reach Level Cap.

What is The Path Of Exile Level Cap?

Currently, the level Cap in Path of Exile is 100, meaning players can obtain their character’s maximum potential at level 100.

Reach Path Of Exile Level Cap
In Path of Exile, you have a max level of 100 for each character.

Furthermore, the Level Cap has increased several times after the game has released.

The original Level Cap at the beginning of the game was 60, and then it increased to 70, then 80 up to 100 in the Fall of Oriath expansion.

Here are some reasons why the Level Cap was increased.

  • Over time the game has become so complex and challenging to complete. 
  • Another reason is to make the game more exciting and challenging.
  • Reaching level 100 takes more time and XP. However, it returns high-end rewards.

How To Reach Path Of Exile Level Cap?

In Path of Exile, reaching the Cap Level can be tedious and time-consuming.

However, if you want to reach the Level Cap in Path of Exile, you can follow a few strategies to increase your chances.

  1. The most effective way is to learn to make many layouts you encounter; different zone has differences, so learning the general layout will help you.
  2. Other than layout, another essential thing you can do to speed up your leveling is to obtain the right items for your character.
  3. To reach level 80, you must complete the story quest at the end of Act 10, unlocking the Atlas endgame.
  4. From here, you must focus on your passive point and character progression.
  5. You must build character defense by increasing elemental resistance and searching for invasion armor.
  6. Then, you can explore the Atlas progression system by placing the map in your hideout.
  7. Furthermore, you can alter the map using an orb of currency, increasing the difficulties and rewards.
  8. This process helps you to reach level 80, or if you grind with stable mechanics and build, you can reach upto level 90.
  9. You can continue the Atlas progression and fight bosses to reach the Cap Level. However, it would be best if you focused on not dying.
  10. It can cause you to redo from the start and lose hours of progression.

After level 90, the experience point gets the most expensive, and you have to grind a lot of currency.

However, this is the fastest method to reach the Level Cap.

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Benefits Of Reaching The Level Cap

Here are a few benefits of reaching the Level Cap.

  • Players can access the highest-level maps and fight the endgame bosses.
  • They can gain the most powerful items in the game, providing players with huge buffs.
  • Reaching the Level Cap can give players a sense of fulfillment and joy in reaching the maximum potential of their character.

The Bottom Line

Reaching the Path of Exile Level Cap can become very tough for some people that become the reason to quit the game.

Moreover, it takes up to 4 billion XP to reach levels 99 to 100.

Hopefully, this article gives you a general idea of reaching the Patch of the Exile Level Cap.

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