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Prepare Pigs In A Blanket Pizza Style In Good Pizza Great Pizza

In Good Pizza Great Pizza, Pigs in a Blanket pizza style is a delicious and satisfying meal made on a flatbread. 

Flatbread is a thin and crispy item that provides the perfect base for showcasing delicious toppings.

Moreover, the introduction of this pizza challenges players to experiment with different flavor combinations.

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What Is Good Pizza Great Pizza?

Good Pizza, Great Pizza is a video game developed by TapBlaze where players run their own pizza shop.

In the game, players take on the role of a pizza shop owner and are responsible for managing various aspects of the business.

Make best use of all ingridents to fulfill pizza orders from customers
Make the best use of all ingredients to fulfill pizza orders from customers.

Hence, players need to take orders, make pizzas, and serve customers in the game.

They must fulfill customer orders accurately and efficiently to earn money and improve their shop.

Players will unlock new toppings, ingredients, and upgrades to enhance their pizza-making experience.

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Ingredient To Prepare Pigs In A Blanket Pizza Style

As players progress through the game, they unlock new recipes and ingredients along the way, challenging their skills.

Similarly, Pigs in a Blanket pizza style is the new Level 5 item in Good Pizza, Great Pizza.

Some players may initially find themselves confused, as the term “Pigs in a Blanket” traditionally refers to mini hot dogs.

However, it’s essential to note that in the game, it is presented as a “Pizza Style”.

This indicates that players must incorporate the concept of Pigs in a Blanket into a pizza format to fulfill their customers’ orders accurately.

Customer ordering Pigs in a Blanket but in a pizza style
Customers are ordering Pigs in a Blanket but in a pizza style.

Hence, to prepare Blanket pizza style, players must have some of the ingredients mentioned below.

1. Flatbread

Flatbread serves as the essential foundation for assembling Pigs in a Blanket pizza style with pork toppings in the game.

However, players rely on flatbread to provide the base upon which they layer the various pork ingredients.

2. Pepperoni

Pepperoni stands as a savory meat ingredient, unlocked in Chapter 1 of the game

It is the first topping available in the Good Pizza, Great Pizza which players must use to prepare Pigs in a Blanket pizza.

3. Sausage

The sausage topping in the game serves as the second in-game topping item.

This item is crafted from meat and is priced at 2.88 in-game currency per pizza.

However, players have the option to sell it for 3 per pizza, offering a modest profit margin.

4. Bacon

Bacon is a Meat ingredient unlocked in Chapter 2 which will be available for 115 in-game currency.

However, players must visit the Toppings section of the shop on Night 28 to get this item.

5. Ham

It is another delectable meat ingredient that adds a touch of sweetness and tenderness to pizzas.

This soft, pulpy topping becomes accessible to players upon reaching Chapter 2 of the game.

Tips And Tricks To Become A Master Pizza Chef

As players progress through the game, they will encounter a variety of customers with different tastes and preferences.

Players must pay close attention to their orders and follow customer orders carefully.

Moreover, the technique players use to apply toppings can greatly influence the quality of their pizzas.

Adding toppings in a spiral ensures an even distribution, leading to a well-prepared pizza.

However, players can prepare the best pizza by focusing on preparation techniques and attentive customer service.

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