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What Time Does Dinraal Spawn TotK?

Every game always has a legendary monster for players to defeat. In Zelda, these legendary monsters are the Dragons. 

The Legend of Zelda has three Dragons: Farosh the Yellow Dragon, Naydra the Blue Dragon, and Dinraal the Red Dragon. Moreover, the Dinraal spawns at different times in TotK.

Dinraal is a legendary Red Dragon. The players can meet the Dragon around Eldin Great Skeleton in the Eldin Region. The Dinraal Dragon spawns at a specific time of 9 am, 1 pm or 11 pm in TotK.

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Location For Dinraal The Red Dragon

Dinraal the Fire Dragon spawns at the Akkala Highlands near the chasm entrance.

After the Dragon spawns, Dinraal will wrap around the death mountain and exit through a chasm in the death mountain. 

Ending Area For Dinraal Spawn
Ending Area for Dinraal the Red Dragon Spawn

Additionally, here are a few tips for further interaction with the Dragon;

  1. Dinraal loops around the map for approximately 48 in-game hours.
  2. The Dragon hugs the Northeast edge of the map going from east to west, then retraces his routes in the opposite direction.
  3. Moreover, being around Eldin Great Skeleton to interact with the Dragon is better because it is closer to the player area than other places. 
  4. Additionally, players can get one piece of material every 10 minutes from the Dragon. 
  5. However, if the player uses a Flamebreaker Armor set, the player can farm the materials from the Dragon every time it glows. 

Fighting the Dragon is a daunting task, however, the materials obtainable through the interaction with the Dragon are worth it. 

Furthermore, the players can upgrade their Armor with the materials from the Dragon.

The materials from Dinraal the Red Dragon can upgrade Armor pieces like; Barbarian Leg Wraps, Champion’s Tunic and Trousers of the Wild.

Here is a table of materials that can upgrade the Armor and their upgrade levels; 

Armor Dragon Part NeededUpgrade Level
Barbarian HelmShard of Dinraal's Horn****
Champion's Tunic 2x Shard of Dinraal's Horn****
Trousers of the Wild2x Dinaraal's Scale *
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What Time Does Dinraal The Red Dragon Spawn?

Dinraal the Red Dragon spawns between the times 9 am, 1 pm and 11 pm in TotK.

The time is based on the in-game timer. However, the spawn time is linked to the route the Dragon takes. 

Moreover, the Dinraal spawn time in TotK is 9 am at Akkale Highlands near the Chasm and makes its way through the map, where at the end of the route it is 11 pm at the Eldin Mountains near the Chasm. 

How To Farm Materials From The Dragon?

The players need to be at a sky tower near the pathway of the Dragon.

They can fly from the tower using a paraglider and then shoot an arrow when near the Dragon and then land on it.

Additionally, the players need to target specific areas to obtain specific materials.

However, you can use Shrines as well to get to the Dragon. But, the Shrines will ask for specific Dragon materials for the players to access the shrine. 

Additionally, the players advise others to have a good amount of stamina bar or use food to increase their stamina when tackling the Dragons.

Moreover, in the case of Dinraal, the players advise equipping the Flamebreaker Armor to allow an easier time farming the materials from the Dragon. 

Here is a table of materials obtainable from the interaction with Dinraal the Red Dragon.

Dragon NameMaterial Obtained
Dinraal The Red DragonDinraal's Scale
Dinraal's Claw
Shard of Dinraal's Fang
Shard of Dinraal's Horn

However, the players can obtain one piece of material with every interaction with the Dragons.

Additionally, players can farm each piece every 10 minutes which means the players can only get a total of 4 pieces of materials from the Dragon. 

Materials Dropped By Dinraal
Materials Obtainable From Dinraal The Red Dragon

Additionally, players can farm specific materials by targeting specific areas of the Dragons.

The players can target the mouth or jaw of the Dragon to obtain the fang, the shard of the horn, the back or the face area for the scale, and the claw to obtain the claw of the specific Dragon.

The Bottom Line

The legendary Dragons provide the players with great materials to upgrade some of the best gear in the game.

However, the Dinraal Dragons spawn at a certain in-game time in TotK, and the interaction does not always go as planned. But the payoff is great when the interaction is done right.

Hopefully, this article is helpful in finding the Red Dragon and getting the materials needed to upgrade the specific gear. 

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