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Should You Place PC Under the Desk? Here’s Why You Shouldn’t

I always have second thoughts about putting my PC under the Desk.

Most people are reluctant to place their PCs under their Desks because of the significant harmful consequences.

The situation is likely to result in performance and operation issues. 

Generally, placing the PC under the Desk is not a good idea since it can restrict airflow, increase heat generation, and cause dust and debris to build up inside the PC’s components.

This article will discuss whether placing the PC under the Desk is appropriate.

Furthermore, we will also talk about the safest areas to put our PC.

Why Shouldn’t You Place the PC Under the Desk?

We ran a poll among PC and Gaming enthusiasts and asked them whether we should place our PC under the Desk. Well, the response was overwhelming, and here is the result.

placing pc under desk
95% agreed on not placing the PC under the Desk, while 5% agreed on setting the PC under the Desk. (Source: Facebook Poll)

Here are some significant reasons why you shouldn’t place the PC under the Desk.

1. It Generates Heat 

Placing the PC under the Desk can result in generating an excessive amount of heat.

Since the PC will expose itself to dust and dirt, which will get stuck on the PC’s fan resulting in heat generation.

Moreover, the dust and debris can also result causing ESD, known as the Electro-static Discharge having a higher chance of damaging the PC. 

Placing a computer under your Desk causes the area around it to heat up, and your PC components will produce more heat when operated at higher temperatures.

As a result, your PC starts to feel hot within a brief period. 

2. It Might Obstruct the Airflow 

Airflow plays a very significant role in using any electronic device. It helps to maintain the level of heat generated inside the machine. 

However, placing your PC under the Desk may obstruct the airflow leading to constant running or fans, bad performance of your PC and a reduction in the efficiency level. 

As a result, your PC may suffer from problems that include data loss and crashes. 

Most of our floors are carpeted, and carpets are supposed to be the most crucial airflow blockers. Therefore, keeping the PC beneath the Desk can be hazardous.

3. Accumulation of Dust and Debris

When you put your PC under the Desk, there are higher possibilities of dust and debris getting inside.

Since the PC becomes closer to the floor surface, it will likely gather more dust and dirt than ever. 

Dusty laptop fan
Placing a Pc under the Desk may result in the accumulation of dust and debris in its components.

As a result, your PC may develop performance, operation, and durability complications. 

The fans on your PC tend to suck all the dust particles in and out frequently.

The absorption of dust materials by your PC can exhaust its performance and reduce working efficiency. 

Continue reading to find out how to clean your PC and laptop without using compressed air.

4. Accidents and Emergencies 

Accidents and emergencies always arise all of a sudden and instantly. We can neither prevent them from happening nor forecast them.

Therefore, it is better to stay prepared rather than regret it later. 

When you have your PC under the Desk, it will get affected by spills and leakages.

You may unknowingly drop your glass of water or juice all over your device while working. 

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Where Should you Place your PC and Why? 

Are you unable to figure out where to keep your PC, if not under the Desk?

Here are some of the ideas you may consider trying. 

1. Use a PC Mount 

A PC mount is better to ensure your PC is secured and less susceptible to dust, dirt, and other components.

In addition, it will keep your PC in an elevated position, eventually allowing for better airflow.

PC mounts are neither too heavy nor too bulky. Therefore, it can be set up quickly and not occupy too much space.

Mounting PC on the wall
You can also mount a PC on the wall.

Moreover, your place will also look clean and organized with your device in the proper place. The PC mount is adjustable and can be set up according to the requirement. 

2. Use Cardboard 

Some people also consider using Cardboard to place their PC. It is a good idea if you are on a budget since it is affordable and requires no extra effort. 

Cardboard having a flat surface will allow your PC to rest safely. You can also use cubes and different pieces of complex materials.

It will ensure the flow of air to the computer and protect it from an excessive amount of heat. 

3. Rolling Stands 

The use of rolling stands is another way of keeping your PC safe. Rolling Stands have a cart-like structure where you can easily store your PC.

Moreover, it is completely adjustable and can easily accommodate your PC. 

place pc off ground
It is always better to place the PC off the ground.

Furthermore, the cart also consists of four caster wheels that ensure smooth motion. The coach also has a powder-coated surface and padding, which protects the case from scratches.

4. Get a Bigger Desk

If you have enough room, the ideal choice is to get a larger Desk to quickly set up your PC without creating a mess.

To optimize the space on your desktop, you may now find Desks with a dedicated area for your PC tower.

Desk with two monitors
You can place your Pc on the Desk.

Additionally, you can choose a gaming Desk or an L-shaped Desk.

How to Set the PC Under the Desk safely?

If installing a computer under a Desk is your only option, consider a few key factors.

  • If you have your PC under the Desk, ensure that you have a properly ventilated space. This will allow air to pass by that help your device avoid overheating. 
  • Ensure it is kept at least a few inches above the floor. Since most homes are carpeted, the PC must be lifted a couple of inches for airflow. 
  • Make sure that the surface where you place the PC is clean enough and free from any dust particles. 
  • Clean your floor and carpet regularly.

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Final Verdict 

Keeping the PC on the floor is not a good idea since the consequences are not always good. It is better to prevent the PC from any potential damage and risk.

If you do not have any particular setup for the PC, you can always use the PC mount. However, always make sure not to place it on the floor. 

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