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Pokemmo : Explore The Christmas Event 2023

Pokemmo has recently launched its Christmas event 2023 for players to grasp the festive experience within the game realm.

Players can engage in several activities and acquire enticing rewards, as this Christmas event promises a wave of excitement.

During the Pokemmo Christmas event 2023, players can search for Pokeballs scattered around the map to obtain a Pokemon. Besides, the Christmas event 2023 also introduces the concept of Lost Presents which can be traded for Mystery Pokeballs by interacting with Santa.

Continue reading to learn more about the Pokemmo Christmas Event 2023.

Pokemmo: An Overview Of Christmas Event 2023

Many players are anticipating the release of Christmas Event 2023 to enjoy the festive season as well as the annual celebration.

Pokemmo universe has once again transformed into a vibrant winter wonderland, covered with snow and festive decorations.

Similarly. this event initiates after the massive icy bird disrupts Santa’s sleigh in Kanto.

Players have to be brave enough to venture into a massive snowy land and collect the Lost Presents, which are scattered far and wide.

Moreover, Christmas Event 2023 also presents a layer of excitement for players as it adds fun activities like collecting Pokeballs.

Christmas-themed Pokemon balls are scattered around the map of Pokemmo, allowing players to experience the surprises hidden within.

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Christmas Event 2023 Activities In Pokemmo

Here are some of the fun activities players can perform at the Christmas Event in Pokemmo;

1. Collecting The Festive Pokeballs 

In this Pokemmo Christmas Event 2023, numerous Pokeballs are scattered around the map in each region.

Players can easily find these Pokeballs as they are Christmas-themed and are in larger numbers. 

Upon collecting them, these special Pokeballs hold the key to the two enchanting surprises.

pokemmo christmas event 2023
In the Pokkemmo Christmas event, players can collect special Pokeballs for exciting rewards.

Similarly, players can either get the Lost Mysterious Pokeball or the Charcoal Lost Present after acquiring it.

Thus, players should look around for these festive Pokeballs as they traverse the regions of Pokemmo.

If you are lucky enough, you might just find the rare Pokemon you have been dreaming of, so don’t stop exploring.

2. Santa’s Wish List: Collecting Lost Presents

Pokemmo Christmas Event 2023 also presents the Lost Presents to add an extra layer of excitement for the players.

Players can also find the Lost Presents by exploring the vast realm of Pokemmo World as it is scattered around the map.

After collecting the Lost Presents, players can use it to trade for Mystery Pokeballs with Santa.

You can trade 5 of your lost presents for a Mystery Pokeball by interacting with Santa.

pokemmo christmas event 2023
Players have to search for the Lost Presents as part of the quest for Christmas event 2023.

Remember, it is not just any ordinary Pokeball, it comes with the shiny odds of 1 in 8000 for a normal Pokeball.

While talking about the Greatball, comes with the shiny odds of 1 in 4000.

Also, seize this opportunity to gather the Great Balls as each Great Ball is available for only 100,000 Poke Dollars.

3. Locating Santa For Christmas Event 2023

Once you have finally collected the five of the valuable Lost Presents, it’s time to seek out the Santa.

As Santa is the gift Bearer, players must find Santa to trade their Lost presents for a mystery Pokeball.

Similarly, roam around the regions of Pokemmo, as Santa will be making appearances in the town.

Remember to keep an eye out for the festive icon for locating the Santa, as it is a key for exchanging the Lost Presents.

The Bottom Line

Players can now delve into the vibrant world of Pokemmo and experience the Christmas-themed event.

Similarly, players can enjoy the activities of the Pokemmo Christmas event to secure the rare Pokemon species.

In conclusion, search for the Festive Pokeballs and Lost Presents and head out to Santa to reveal the increased odds.

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