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How To Find The Faceless In Camp In BG3?

You thought you were safe in your camp, but a sinister presence lurked among you.

However, you may encounter a mysterious character a Faceless Imposter in your adventure in your Camp in BG3.

To locate the Faceless in your Baldur’s Gate 3 camp, finish The Hunted quest, rest, follow his invitation to the Mountain Pass, and engage near a cave entrance.

In this article, we will discuss everything about the Faceless in Baldur’s Gate and explore some of the possible ways to find it in Camp.

Who Is Faceless In Baldur’s Gate 3?

Within Baldur’s Gate 3, the enigmatic character known as the Faceless has the potential to make an appearance in your Camp.

 He is associated with the Absolute, a cult devoted to a goddess of darkness and decay.

Furthermore, the Faceless offers assistance and guidance as he claims a connection to you and your tadpole.

In Baldur’s Gate 3, the Faceless Impostor’s role and impact vary based on your decisions and interactions.

How To Find The Faceless In Camp In BG3?

To find the Faceless in your Camp in Baldur’s Gate 3, follow these steps:

1. Complete The Hunted Quest

Begin by completing The Hunted quest, which involves escaping the goblin camp in the Blighted Village.

This quest is part of the main storyline and will lead you to the point where you can encounter the Faceless. 

2. Return To Your Camp

 After successfully escaping the goblin camp, return to your campsite.

Moreover, resting at your campsite will trigger a cutscene during sleep, where the Faceless Impostor will approach you.

He will communicate with you through this mysterious encounter.

To find faceless rest at your camp.
To find Faceless, you need to rest at your Camp.

3. The Invitation

The Faceless will invite you to meet him at the Mountain Pass during the cutscene.

Similarly, he’ll provide directions or hints about where precisely in the Mountain Pass you should find him.

This invitation is a pivotal moment that sets the stage for your encounter with the Faceless.

4. Journey To The Mountain Pass

 Once you’ve received the invitation, go to the Mountain Pass location.

The Mountain Pass can be accessed from the main map, and it’s usually a distinct area marked on the map.

5. Encounter At The Cave Entrance

Upon arriving at the Mountain Pass, search for the Faceless near a cave entrance. He will be waiting for you there.

Then, engage in a conversation to delve deeper into his identity, motives, and intentions.

This conversation will shed light on his role in the story and how he connects to you and your journey.

you can look for faceless there to find more clues
Once you arrive at the mountain pass, you can look for Faceless to find more clues.
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The Bottom Line

In Baldur’s Gate 3, the Faceless Impostor adds a layer of intrigue and mystery to the game’s dynamic narrative.

Encountering this enigmatic character in your camp results in completing the Hunted quest and embarking on a journey to the Mountain Pass.

As you engage in conversations and make choices, the Faceless’s significance evolves, offering both assistance and uncertainty.

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