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Prison Pumpkin In Phasmophobia: Where To Find It?

The first step to completing the Halloween event in Phasmophobia is to collect the Recipe cards.

Prison is one of the locations where you can find the prison pumpkin with a note.

In Phasmophobia, prison pumpkin is arguably the worst to collect due to its location. However, the pumpkin card will add one screaming skull to the recipe ingredient, which you must collect and make the potion in the Cauldron.

Continue to learn more about how you can get the prison pumpkin in Phasmophobia.

All Pumpkin Locations In Phasmophobia Halloween Event

There are nine pumpkins scattered in nine different locations in the Halloween event.

Players can access all the areas during this event, no matter their level in the game.

Each pumpkin has a special note that mentions the ingredient name and the amount to use in the potion.

Thus it is very important to find the pumpkin before you start collecting the ingredients.

Once you have all the cards, you can look out for the recipe ingredients in the Maple Lodge Campsite to brew the potion in the Cauldron.

Here’s a list of all the pumpkins available during the event:

S.N.Pumpkin LocationIngredient
1Tanglewood DriveBowl of Grins
2Edgefield RoadDeath's rot
3Ridgeview CourtToe of frog
4Grafton FarmhouseSack of beans
5Willow StreetLight in the street
6Bleasedale FarmhouseJar of mind
7PrisonScreaming Skull
8Camp WoodwindEyes of bear
9Maple Lodge CampsiteLove's Blossom

All these pumpkins have their own associated ingredients for the recipe.

Some pumpkin locations, such as Tanglewood Drive, and Edgefield Road are easy to find.

On the contrary, the Pumpkin Prison is somewhat difficult.

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Phasmophobia Prison Pumpkin

The pumpkin is introduced in phasmophobia as part of the special Halloween event.

All the nine pumpkins found in different locations are the same, except they have different recipe cards.

Similarly, the pumpkin found inside the prison map is known as a prison pumpkin.

Starting the prison location for pumpkin hunt in Phasmophobia.
Starting the prison location for the pumpkin hunt in Phasmophobia.

The recipe card you get with the pumpkin will add a screaming skull to the recipe ingredient.

Prison Pumpkin Location In Phasmophobia

The prison is one of the most difficult locations to hunt for the pumpkin because it is the biggest map of all.

However, you don’t have to search each individual cell until you find the pumpkin.

After you enter the prison, take a left turn from the door to enter the main prison.

Pumpkin prison location in Phasmophobia.
Pumpkin prison location in Phasmophobia.

From there, open the jail cell doorway and take a left to get to the room called the central control unit.

The prison’s central control unit is between the library and the cafeteria on the main floor and in the center of the prison.

Pumpkin on top of table in the Prison.
Pumpkin on top of table in the Prison.

The pumpkin will be on a table at the top-left corner of the room.

Once you find the pumpkin and read the recipe card, you can just leave the prison to start hunting other locations.

The Bottom Line

Moreover, the Halloween event requires you to collect all the pumpkins scattered in different locations.

Further, its recipe card adds a screaming skull to the recipe ingredients you must collect after finding all the pumpkins.

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