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Pumpkin Prowl Event Rewards: Monopoly Go

Pumpkin Prowl is an event launched by Monopoly Go on Halloween.

This event gives players to win many exciting rewards throughout the event.

The Pumpkin Prowl event is running until Oct 16 at 12:00 PM ET. It allows players to win many prizes by collecting scarecrow tokens similar to other events of Monopoly Go. You can win rewards like Cash, Stickers, Dice Rolls, and Cash Boosts.

This article covers Pumpkin Prowl Event, the rewards list, and how to win Prizes.

What Is The Event In Monopoly Go?

Events are opportunities for players to experience something new and different within the game.

Basically, events allow players to win different prizes. However, some events have task systems.

Players have to complete some tasks in order to win rewards. Similarly, there are different types of events.

What Types Of Events Are There In Monopoly Go?

There are different types of events in Monopoly Go.

Similarly, some events have tasks to be completed to access the prize pool.

The types of events of Monopoly Go are:

1. Seasonal Events

Seasonal Events are events that are present on some occasions only.

Some occasions like Lunar New Year, Valentine’s Day, Easter, New Year, Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas.

Likewise, this type of event lasts longer than others. Players have to complete some tasks to win rewards. 

2. Tournament Events

Tournament Events allow you to compete against other players.

This type of event is present for a limited time only.

Similarly, you might appear on the leaderboard if you win and progress strategically.

Tournament Event Leaderboard
You can win these rewards from Tournament Events.

As shown in the above picture, the rewards are of high value.

You can receive some rewards and items that are of high value.

3. All Other Events

There are other events that are only present for a single day.

Some events like Peg-E Prize, Cash Grab, Cash Boost, Drop, and Rent Frenzy.

There are basic rewards in these events, but these events are not worth throwing dice.

Furthermore, these events last 1-2 days so you can get some rewards.

You can farm some items and cash from these events.

What Is The Pumpkin Prowl Event?

As already mentioned, Pumpkin Prowl is a Halloween event in Monopoly Go.

This event is running until Oct 16 at 12:00 PM ET and has many rewards through stages.

Moreover, the event prize pool has stages from Level 1 to Level 48.

The rewards will become more worthy as players progress increasing their level.

Similarly, you must collect tokens named Scarecrow to progress in the event.

There are no strategies for collecting the Scarecrow tokens.

Similarly, the only thing you have to do to get tokens is to travel around the board.

Pumpkin Prowl Event’s Rewards

There are many exciting rewards that you can win. The rewards of the Pumpkin Prowl Event are:-

15Cash25100Sticker pack
255 Prize Drop Chips2611015-minute High Roller
310Sticker pack2712560 Prize Drop Chips
475125 Dice Rolls28130125 Dice Rolls
515Cash291000Pumpkin piece
61515-minute Rent Frenzy30140140 Rice Rolls
7208 Prize Drop Chips3114570 Prize Drop Chips
9150230 Dice Rolls33175Sticker pack
103015 Prize Drop Chips3418001,800 Dice Rolls
1135Sticker pack3525085 Prize Drop Chips
1240Cash3630025-minute Rent Frenzy
134520 Prize Drop Chips37450Sticker pack
14400550 Dice Rolls38600Cash
1545Sticker pack3940003,800 Dice Rolls
165010-minute Cash Grab40700100 Prize Drop Chips
176030 Prize Drop Chips41800Sticker pack
1870Cash42900800 Dice Rolls
19800950 Dice Rolls433000Cash
2075Sticker pack441000130 Prize Drop Chips
217040 Prize Drop Chips4511005-minute Cash Boost
228090 Dice Rolls461200Sticker pack
249001,000 Dice Rolls486500Sticker pack and 6,500 Dice Rolls

Basically, there are 48 levels in the prize pool, and you have to get points to progress.

From the above rewards list, level 1 requires 5 points, level 2 requires 5 points, and level 3 requires 10 points.

Likewise, as the level increases the points also increase simultaneously.

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How To Win Prizes From Pumpkin Prowl Event Of Monopoly Go?

As Scarecrow tokens are the way to win rewards. There are many Scarecrow tokens on the Monopoly board.

However, Scarecrow tokens are scattered around the board, but it is easy to collect.

Similarly, there is a small strategy to gain a good amount of Scarecrow tokens.

Monopoly Go Pumpkin Prowl
Pumpkin Prowl Event Reward Instructions

Similarly, the strategy is to increase the multiplier if you are 6 to 8 slots away from the Scarecrow tokens.

It allows you to land on the Scarecrow tokens. This way it will be easy for you to farm the tokens.

Additionally, there are some advantages to using a low-dice multiplier.

The Bottom Line

Basically, you can get exciting rewards from the Pumpkin Prowl event of Monopoly Go.

You can gather Scarecrow tokens easily by traveling around the board.

However, the amount of tokens required to progress increases along with the levels.

You can make strategies by analyzing the reward list mentioned above.

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