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r/place Void: A Story Of Chaos And Creativity

r/place is up and running its canvas once more this year. Currently, various users are expressing themselves with different forms of art. 

The artwork contains characters from games, manage, anime cartoons and even some political views.

However, one of the most prominent works of art is back, The Void.

r/place allows the users to express themselves artistically. However, among the art lurks the Void, an entity that consumes anything around it. Furthermore, this year, the Void is not as prominent but slowly creeping up to other art around it.

In this article, we will discuss more about r/place and the Void.

What Is r/place?

r/place is a collaborative project and a social experiment currently being hosted on the social networking site Reddit.

The project first debuted on April Fool’s Day, 2017, and is currently ongoing.

Moreover, the project allows users to place pixels on a vast canvas and create art.

Over a million users put up their pixel art in r/place in 2017. 

However, in 2022, over 10.38 million users put up their pixel art in r/place.

r/place current logo
This is a current logo for the subreddit r/place.

This shows the significance of the canvas to the Reddit community and the hivemind they share.

However, users can only post one pixel at a time.

The time between each pixel placement is approximately 5 minutes.

However, if your account uses a registered email, you can place your pixel in less time.

What Is r/place Void?

r/place Void is a creation by various users of Reddit that originated from a meme face of Mr.Incredible.

The story behind the Void is that the evil Mr.Incredible was able to breach into the r/place to create the Void and spread its effects all over the canvas.

But, various users from different communities banded together to stop the Void from spreading even more within the r/place canvas.

However, due to the hive mind, the Void in every r/place keeps increasing with tendrils in various spots.

Furthermore, the users call the main origination point of the Void the Mothervoid.

After the origination of the Mothervoid, users who find the Mothervoid interesting can find various fanmade art and images depicting the horrors of the Mothervoid.

The void spreading in r/place
The Void spreading across the canvas in r/place.

Currently, the Void is not as rampant as in previous canvases, but you can find it in the bottom left corner of the canvas.

However, various users try to cover up the Void as much as possible. 

You can join in on the fun as well by visiting r/place.

Maybe you can help other users fight off the Void from spreading or join it to ensure it spreads even more.

Continue reading to explore how to do r/place on Reddit.

What Impact Did The Void Have On r/place And Reddit Culture?

The Void significantly impacted r/place and Reddit culture, sparking reactions, emotions, and discussions among the participants and observers.

The Void was seen as an antagonistic force by some and a creative challenge by others.

Some of its impacts are:

  • The Void challenged the notions of creativity, collaboration, and ownership on the canvas.
  • The Void created a sense of drama, suspense, and excitement on the canvas.
  • The Void inspired some users to create art within or around the Void, using its black pixels.
  • The Void generated memes, fanart, and subreddits dedicated to it and other related phenomena, such as the rainbow road.

The Bottom Line 

r/place is a tremendous social project where various community users join to express themselves.

Furthermore, the Void brings together various users to fight against it.

Additionally, it acts like this villainous entity that users can overcome with togetherness.

Hopefully, this article can interest you in joining the r/place canvas and even express yourself with similar other users.

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