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Defeat The Red Reaper In Lords Of The Fallen

The Red Reaper is the most dreaded enemy in the Lords of the Fallen, whom players encounter during their quest to obtain Umbral Scouring.

You can quickly get this valuable item by defeating the creature of the nightmare, The Red Reaper, who guards the secret to this great wealth.

You will encounter the infamous Red Reaper after the Dread Meter fills up to X3. Maintain constant motion and dodge his fatal strikes to defeat him. Use swift and precise attacks with highly effective weapons like fists or Dagger against him.

Continue reading to learn how to defeat The Red Repear and quickly earn 5 Umbral Scouring inside the Umbral Realm of Lords of the Fallen.

What Is The Dread Meter In Lords Of The Fallen?

The Dread Meter, also known as The Umbral eye, is present inside the Umbral realm in the Lords of the Fallen.

The role of the Umbral Eye is to track your time inside the realm as soon as you step inside the Umbral Realm.

You can check the upper right corner of the screen beneath your Vigor count for the Umbral eye.

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Steps To Encounter The Red Reaper In Lords of The Fallen

When it activates, it gradually fills up as a white outline emerges from the top and circulates the perimeter of the eye.

Moreover, the longer you stay in the Umbral realm, the more the eyes fill up, leading white zombies to attack you until they fill up to X2.

When the eye fills up to X3, this will trigger your encounter with the mighty Red Reaper inside the Umbral Realm.

1. Filling The Dread Meter To Collect Umbral Scouring

If you want to harness the power of the Dread Meter, you must imply a straightforward yet practical approach.

You must begin your journey by equipping yourself with a lantern.

Next, you can venture into the place where fear and darkness hold sway, the mysterious Umbral Realm.

After entering the Umbral Realm, place your entire focus on the eye, known as the Dread Meter at the upper-right corner of your screen.

Furthermore, it’s important to note that this eye is your guide in determining whether you are in a safe zone.

Let The Number Above The Eye Increase

In addition, the eye should remain open, indicating a state of peril so that you can maximize the Umbral Scouring collection.

As time passes within the Umbral Realm, the number above the eye gradually increases, beginning at X1.

Dread Meter or Umbral Eye in Umbral Realm
The Dread Meter, also known as the Umbral eye, is present inside the Umbral realm in the Lords of the Fallen.

Fortunately, you have the freedom to engage in various activities during this period.

2. Stand Your Ground To Keep The Umbral Eye Open

The next task is to engage in combat with the vicious denizens and white zombies that inhabit this Umbral realm.

Next, you must embark on exploring the mysterious and spooky landscapes within the Umbral Realm.

However, you must have your paramount concern to ensure that the eye remains open.

Do Not Enter The Safe Zone In The Umbral Realm

If you accidentally venture into a safe zone while exploring the Umbral Realm, it will cause the eye to close for an extended period.

Therefore, be aware not to mistakenly enter a safe zone in the realm, as it will also reset the number above the eye in its initial state X1.

Sadly, you’ll need to wait again for your Umbral Scouring collection in the Umbral realm.

When the Dread Meter reaches X3, it will trigger the eye to flare to life and transform into a menacing shade of red.

Thus, this is the signal from the eye that you are ready to face the infamous Red Reaper.

3. Encountering The Infamous Red Reaper In Lords Of The Fallen

As the Dread Meter transitions to this terrifying crimson hue, you will await a thrilling revelation of the Red Reaper.

The ground beneath your feet will pulsate with a fiery red glow that signals the arrival of the Red Reaper, the most tough entity in the game.

The Red Reaper in the Umbral Realm
If the Dread Meter reaches x3, it will transform into a menacing shade of red for you to face the infamous Red Reaper.

Furthermore, armed with dual scythes and an immense reservoir of strength, the Red Reaper is a force to be reckoned with.

Excitingly, if you are brave enough to conquer this formidable adversary, you will get 5 Umbral Scouring, giving you supremacy in the game.

How To Defeat The Infamous Red Reaper In Lords Of The Fallen?

Taking on the Red Reaper is no small attainment, but you can overcome this seemingly invincible foe using a few strategic insights.

1. Maintain Constant Movement

The Red Reaper’s attacks are devastating, as a swift blow has the power to deplete your health to the lowest.

Hence, you must concentrate to maintain constant motion during the battle to stand a chance for your survival.

Dodge and evade his fatal strikes to remain unharmed and alive.

2. Use Swift And Precise Strikes 

It is of utmost importance that you equip a weapon that allows you to swift and accurate attacks at the Red Reaper.

Using highly effective weapons like Fists or Daggers is crucial to gaining the upper hand against the Red Reaper.

3. Gain Expeditious Victory 

When you start to gain the upper hand against the Red Reaper, he will resort to evasive tactics to run away from you.

Hence, He will attempt to escape from your strikes by diving into the ground.

Moreover, this hide-and-seek will result in a prolonged battle and bring complex intricacies.

Therefore, it is best to focus on dispatching the Repear before it retreats.

The Bottom Line

Filling the Dread Meter in the Umbral Realm of Lords of the Fallen will take approximately four minutes.

Besides, winning the battle against the formidable Red Repear inside the Umbral realm will take another minute.

Ultimately, you can earn 5 Umbral Scouring as your reward in just five minutes as the fastest way to obtain in-game currency.

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