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MW3 Ram 9 Camo Challenge Bugged: Possible Fixes

Players have reported that the RAM-9 SMG camo challenges are bugged and are not unlocking in Modern Warfare 3.

Similarly, they have reported that the kills are not registered accurately, due to which they are not able to unlock it.

However, this issue can occur due to various reasons, such as coding errors or server issues.

Continue reading to learn more about the Ram 9 Camo Bugged in Modern Warfare 3.

What Is Ram 9 In MW3?

The RAM-9 is a type of SMG that has been added in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 in the second season along with the BP50 assault rifle.

Both new weapons come with their own set of challenges to unlock camos in MW3 Multiplayer, Zombies and Warzone.

Crush your opponents using this RAM-9 SMG in Modern Warfare 3 Season 2
Crush your opponents using this RAM-9 SMG in Modern Warfare 3 Season 2.

However, the new Ram 9 SMG has a high fire rate with excellent mobility and handling stats.

Its full-auto and semi-auto firing modes render the RAM-9 particularly effective in close-quarters combat scenarios.

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Unlock Different Camo For RAM-9 SMG

There is a list of camos available for the new RAM-9 SMG to customize its appearance. 

They get unlocked through gameplay progression, achievements, and microtransactions.

Complete the camo challenges to unlock weapon-agnostic camos.
Complete the challenges and unlock different camos for Ram-9.

Hence, here is a list of some Modern Warfare camos for the RAM-9 SMG that players can unlock by performing different challenges.

  1. Sonic Glitch: Get 250 Kills with the RAM-9 (Level 2)
  2. Biomass: Get 250 Kills with Frost Damage with the RAM-9 (Level 10)
  3. Putrid Locust: Get 100 Kills shortly after using a Field Upgrade with the RAM-9 (Level 16)
  4. Mystic Wither: in Zombies, Get 10 Disciple Kills with the RAM-9 (Level 24)
  5. Golden Enigma: Get 100 Kills and Successfully Exfil with the RAM-9 in a single deployment of MWZ.
  6. Zircon Scale: Get 300 Kills with the RAM-9 while it’s Pack-a-Punched in MWZ.
  7. Serpentine: Get 10 Special or Elite Zombie Kills with the RAM-9 in MWZ.
  8. Borealis: Complete 36 Serpentine Camo Challenges.
  9. Gradient Globs:  Get 25 Hipfire Kills with the Ram-9.
  10. # PH: JUP_ CAMOS: Get 10 Operator Kills while crouching or sliding with the Ram- 9.
  11. Gilded: Get 15 Operator Kills while in Tac Stance with the Ram-9.

Why Is RAM 9 Camo Bugged?

Players on social media report that they are facing issues with the Ram-9 SMG Camo.

The problem is arising in the third camo progression for the players, i.e. # PH: JUP_ CAMOS, it does not have a name.

Despite affecting the enemies and completing challenges with the Ram-9 SMG, the kills are not registered accurately.

However, the frustration resonates across social media platforms, casting a shadow over a player’s gaming experience.

Players are not being able to unlock the third Ram- 9 camo
Players are not able to unlock the third Ram- 9 Camo

Sometimes, unlocking camos might be hindered by bugs or glitches in the game. It could be due to coding errors or server issues.

Similarly, poor internet connection or server instability can sometimes interfere with unlocking camo.

There could be issues with accurately tracking player progress towards completing the challenges. 

This might result in players not receiving credit for kills or other actions performed with the RAM-9 SMG in Zombies mode.

Possible Solution To RAM 9 Camo Bugged

Modern Warfare 3 developers and publishers have yet to address these report issues officially.

However, in the meantime, players can try the following potential solutions:

1. Restart The Game Or Console

Players can try to resolve the issue by clicking on the remove the camo button in the bottom right and restarting the game.

Restarting the game or the entire gaming system can resolve temporary glitches or bugs.

Moreover, this can help refresh the game’s state and potentially resolve the issue of preventing camo unlocks.

2. Report The Bug

Providing detailed information about the issue can help developers identify and fix the problem more quickly.

However, players can report their issues through official forums, customer support tickets, or bug report forms.

3. Wait For Updates

Infinity Ward and Sledgehammer Games, the devs behind MW3, have acknowledged the camo bug and are continuously working to rectify it.

As players encounter this issue, it’s crucial to remain patient and vigilant for updates from the developers.

Similarly, players should look for official announcements and patch notes regarding the camo bug fix.

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