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The Raptor Claus In ARK Ascended: Beginners Guide

Raptor Claus is a star of the Winter Wonderland event, which brings snow, decorations, and gifts to the ARK  Ascended. 

He is not only a generous giver, but also a powerful ally that can help you survive and thrive in the harsh environment.

One of the new features of the Winter Wonderland 2023 event is the ability to write letters to Raptor Claus and request specific items. To do this, you need to craft a fireplace, light it, and place a letter inside.

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Who Is The Raptor Claus In ARK?

Raptor Claus is a festive-themed dinosaur that appears in the Winter Wonderland event of ARK Survival Ascended.

He flies across the map and drops gifts for the players to collect.

Furthermore, the gifts can contain various items, such as coal, mistletoe, chibis, and blueprints.

In the latest update, you can send a letter to Raptor Clause and request for gifts that you require.

This letter is sent to Raptor Claus and when you are in bed, the sound of HOHOHO introduces Raptor Claus to drop in the game.

Setup For Raptor Claus Letter
This is the setup you need in order to send Raptor Claus Letter.
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Where To Find The Raptor Claus Letter Ascended In ARK?

To send a letter to Raptor Claus in ARK, you need to have a Christmas tree, a fire station, and a bed.

The Raptor only appears at night time, so, make sure you send your request before night.

You can access the letter in the fire station and choose between 4 options of requests.

  • Saddles
  • Armors
  • Weapons
  • Dinos
Request Tab In ARK
This is where you can choose your option in order to make requests.

How To Send Raptor Claus Letter In ARK?

Firstly, you need to understand that Raptor Claus only arrives at a certain time at midnight.

So, you can send your letter to Raptor Claus in the daytime and make sure to request precisely.

Follow these steps to send Raptor Claus a Letter in ARK.

1. Setup Bed, Christmas Tree And Fire Station

Firstly you need to make a setup of bed, Christmas tree and fire station close to each other.

Then only you will be accessible with the Raptor Claus letter in the fire station.

2. Choose Request In Fire Station

You will get 4 options of requests in the fire station and only can choose one to send.

Hence, make sure to select the option regarding your survival requirements in the game.

3. Sleep After Sending Letter

After you send the request or letter to the Raptor Claus, all you need to do is wait until he arrives.

You should not wake up until he arrives or unless the Raptor Claus drop period is over.

The drop period is the time around 12:00 am to 2:00 am.

4. Check Present In Christmas Tree

The Raptor Claus Drops the presents around the Christmas tree and sometimes above the tree.

Therefore, check if the drop is the one that you requested in the Raptor Claus letter or not.

The Bottom Line

Sending a Raptor Claus letter in ARK is a delightful way to participate in the holiday festivities.

Hence, the Ascend of Raptor Claus’s letter in ARK would be a new experience for players as they can request gifts of their will.

Make sure to follow the steps and enjoy the great journey ahead of the ARK Winter Wonderland event.

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