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Razorback Armada Best Event In Warframe

Every year, Warframe hosts a number of events for their players and the most important of these is the Razorback Armada.  

Warframe players have the opportunity to take part in this event for a specified time period.

Razorback Armada is a recurring event in Warframe where players have to defeat the powerful boss Razorback and receive prizes like Orokin Catalysts and Credits. 

Continue reading to learn more about the Razorback Armada event in Warframe 

Discover More About Razorback Armada Event

Warframe Razorback Armada is a limited-time event that allows players to accept a mission to fight Razorback.

In order to take part in this event players must finish the Razorback Armada mission which is very important.

Likewise, the most important item that players have to craft to complete the Razorback Armada mission is the Razorback Cipher.

Players receive 200,000 Credits and a built-in Orokin Catalyst when successfully completing this mission three times.

In addition to dropping Orokin Catalyst and Credit the Razorback bosses also drop some really interesting items.

Furthermore, this reward will help the players significantly enhance gameplay and progression within Warframe.

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Crafting Razorback Cipher In Warframe

Firstly, every player will receive a message from the Lotus containing an item called a Razorback Cipher.

In order to craft the Razorback Cipher players must require the items like Polymer Bundle, Gallium, and Cryptographic ALU. 

The Cryptographic ALU is the most crucial element you require for developing the Razorback Cipher.

Razorback Cipher
Using Razorback Cipher to unlock the door.

Most of the missions will drop it, but the most recommended for the players is Galilea, which worked really nicely for everyone.

Therefore, players need to head on over to the star map and head on over to Jupiter to find the Cryptographic ALU.

It is important for players to remember that the Cryptographic ALU is a drop from enemies rather than a  completion reward.

Therefore, players can kill anything they come across and be sure to gather any loot.

Defeating Razorback Boss In Warframe

For the majority of Warframe players defeating the Razorback boss during the Razorback Armada event is extremely difficult.

The players can only create Razorback Cipher when they have farmed twelve Cryptographic ALUs.

 Firstly, all the players should gather in the place before the actual events start.

As the monster is protected with shields if players try to shoot the boss, it won’t do any damage.

The players will now realize that there are a couple of simple consoles above the balconies that can be simply hacked.

Razorback Boss Fight
Trying to defeat the Razorback boss in Warframe.

During the fight, if players hack one of those consoles, they’ll notice that bursa appears approaches the boss, and takes away his shield.

Next, wait for other players before hacking the console destroying the bursa, and killing the boss finally.

The Bottom Line 

In short, the Razorback Armada event in Warframe is all about taking on a tough boss named Razorback.

Beating Razorback gets players cool rewards like special items and lots of Credits that help them to play even better. 

Finally, it’s strongly suggested that all players take advantage of the quick event as it’s a lot of fun and provides helpful stuff.

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