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Ttyl Purse In Royale High: How To Obtain It?

Ttyl Purse is the new item added to The Royale High Christmas 2023 event.

Moreover, among many Royale High Christmas 2023 Items, the Ttyl Purse is probably the most exciting.

Players can obtain Ttyl Purse in Royale High from Gifting Event Day 26 which is tradable, customizable, and has toggles. However, to collect all items from the 2023 Advent Calendar, you need to get three presents every day from your friends.

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What Is Ttyl Purse In Royale High?

Ttyl Purse is one of the Christmas event items in Royale High, launched on December 26, 2023.

It is a soft, sparkling designer bag with straps for carrying and has a Heart and Star charm.

Royale High Advent Calendar is an in-game event where players receive attractive daily rewards.

However, players can immerse themselves in the calendar and receive alluring daily rewards.

Ttyl Goss Plush Purse
Ttyl Goss Plush Purse is an item that was added on December 26, 2023, for the Glitterfrost 2023.

Moreover, the recently added Ttyl purse is the Goss Plush Purse which is customizable.

Further, this item has toggles means you can make slight changes to the item, and design the stripe by using the toggle menu. 

It is one of the items of the TTYL Chick item set for the Glitterfrost Gifting Event Advent Calendar which was added on Day 26 of the event.

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How To Obtain Ttyl Purse In Royale High?

In the Glitterfrost Gifting Event, each day new gift is unveiled on the calendar ensuring a joyous experience for dedicated Royale High enthusiasts.

However, players can receive surprise gifts only from in-game friends and family.

Receiving Ttyl Purse
Receiving Ttyl Purse as a gift.

Players must open gifts every day to unlock the item in this event.

Hence, if you miss opening the gift on Day 26 of the Advent Calendar event, you cannot unlock the Ttyl purse.

To obtain this accessory in Royal High you must follow certain steps.

1. Find Someone Who Plays Royal High

All you need to do is find a friend who plays Royal High and will gift you a purse.

However, if you do not have one, you may ask in the Roblox chat or on the Discord server if anyone would be your friend and give you some stuff.

2. Open The Advent Calendar

Check on the Advent calendar to find out if your friend or family has sent you a gift.

When you click on the gift box that appears on the screen to open it and obtain the Ttyl Purse.

Features Of Ttyl Purse In Royale High

Here are some of the features of the Ttyl purse:

1. Customizable

Players can personalize or modify the Ttyl Purse according to individual preferences.

They can change its stripe and change the holding position accordingly.

However, players can only change it in five different ways.

2. Tradable

Players can also obtain this Ttyl Purse using in-game currency.

Since this accessory of Royale High is tradable, players can buy or sell it with each other.

The Bottom Line

The Advent Calendar contains new items, new prizes and items, and a new realm i.e. Castle’s Heart along with a TTYL purse.

Further, the 2023 Advent Calendar in Royale High is a fun way to celebrate the festive season with your friends. 

After collecting 30 presents from the calendar, you will earn the Anger Halo and Angel Wings accessories and the Completion Badge.

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