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Is There An Alternate Way To Defeat Shrewd In Remnant 2?

Shrewd is a boss players will meet in Yaesha. The boss is able to perform various attacks that will test the player’s abilities.

In Remnant 2, players are unable to find an alternate method to kill Shrewd. Furthermore, Shrewd boasts various attack patterns, which can pose an inconvenience to the players. But players will need to grit their teeth and go through the boss fight.

In this article, we will discuss about shrewd and the methods to kill him.

Who Is Shrewd In Remnant 2?

Shrewd is a boss in Remnant 2. Boss are pinnacle-level monsters in Remnant 2.

Thus, they test the players’ abilities to the fullest. Furthermore, Shrewd can perform attacks from far away and in melee range.

Thus, this boss fight tests the players’ abilities to react in both situations.

However, if the player is able to defeat Shrewd, they will obtain the Soul Silver.

Soul silver is a crafting material the players obtain by killing Shrewd in Remnant 2.

Soul Silver is a crafting material that allows the players to craft the Rotted Arrow mod for their weapon.

The rottedarrow fires a rotten arrow that deals 20 initial damage and detonates for another 60 damage within 4m.

Furthermore, the arrow leaves a deadly gas cloud with 200 damage over 5 seconds.

Players can encounter Shrewd in The Expanding Glade, an area in the Yaesha world of Remnant 2. 

Players encounter shrewd in expanding glades
Players will encounter Shrewd in the expanding glades, Yaesha world in Remnant 2.

How To Kill Shrewd In Remnant 2? 

Before killing Shrewd, players must learn his attack patterns first.

Here is a list of attack patterns of Shrewd:

  • Attack 1: Shrewd fires a volley of 3 explosive arrows. The arrows will stick to the players and explode. 
  • Attack 2: Shrewd fires a flurry of 3 arrows. These arrows do not explode and only deal damage if they come in contact with the players. 
  • Attack 3: The tree in the area will drop seeds in the center of the arena. During this phase, Shrewd is invulnerable. 
  • Attack 4: Shrewd performs a flurry of melee attacks. Shrewd deals the greatest damage during this phase. 
Shrewd fires a flurry of arrows
Shrewd fires a flurry of arrows in Remnant 2.

With the explanation of the attack patterns, let’s discuss the counter for the attack patterns: 

  • Counter 1: Players must go to the tree’s opposite side in the map’s center to avoid the explosive arrows. 
  • Counter 2: Players must dodge the flurry of arrows. However, if you are unable to dodge the attack, this attack will deal a significant amount of damage. 
  • Counter 3: Players must destroy the pods before a certain duration. Furthermore, if they are unable to destroy the pods, they will emerge as add. 
  • Counter 4: Players must dodge the first two melee attacks and then sprint away. Shrewd will give up after you gain a significant distance and return to his platform. 

In addition to the attack patterns, the boss area contains three platforms.

Shrewd will use these platforms to perform his ranged attacks. 

Is There An Alternate Way To Kill Shrewd In Remnant 2? 

No! There are no alternative ways to kill Shrewd. Players must face the boss head-on and defeat him. 

Furthermore, players can join up with their friends to defeat the boss if they are unsure about the fight. 

The Bottom Line

Bosses are a way to test the players’ resilience in the game. However, certain bosses are difficult to go up against. 

Shrewd is one of those difficult bosses due to his attack patterns. 

Thus, we advise players to join up with other players and tackle the Shrewd. 

Hopefully, this article can guide you in finding an alternate method of defeating Shrewd in Remnant 2. 

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