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What Is The Best Grav Drive In Starfield?

The best grav drive in Starfield depends on your requirements and the travel distance for you.

Thus, you cannot exactly say that there is a best grav drive in Starfield.

Players can travel between different stars and systems using grav drives. Furthermore, they can even upgrade the drive to make it function better. However, some players may even consider purchasing a ship with a better one than upgrading the older one in Starfield.

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What Is A Grav Drive In Starfield?

Grav drives are a part of the ship that allows players to travel fast from one-star system to another.

Furthermore, the travel distance is calculated based on your fuel capacity.

Thus, having a high fuel capacity will allow you to travel farther distances.

Players can find various grav drives on different planets and cities, and each Grav drive differs from the others.

there no best grav drive in starfield
Grav drive allows players to travel fast between stars and systems in the Starfield.

Players can also find a different upgrade to the Grav drive in different cities and ship technicians.

Thus, players may want to check what upgrades each technician provides in different Starfield cities.

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How Grav Drive In Starfield?

Players can upgrade their grav drives to make them better and perform more efficiently.

Here is a list of ways players can upgrade their grav drive to make it better in Starfield:

1. Buy A New Grav Drive

Players can simply buy a new grav drive to upgrade the existing one in their ships.

Furthermore, buying a new one can cost a hefty amount of credit.

However, if you can fork out the currency, getting one that is better than your current grav drive is an excellent choice.

Furthermore, after purchasing a new grav drive, players can retrofit the grav drive into their ship and make it work.

Thus, making the process of using a new one much easier than any other method.

2. Buy A New Ship

The second method of upgrading your grav drive is by taking one out from another ship.

However, you must buy a new one from the ship technician and then take the drive out of the ship.

Once you take it out, you can retrofit the grav drive into your ship.

3. Buy A Ship With An Upgraded Grav Drive

The final method is downright purchasing a ship with an upgraded grav drive.

This allows players to skip the hassle of retrofitting the grav drive onto their ship.

Furthermore, this can be considered the best method to upgrade and obtain grav in Starfield.

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The Bottom Line

Grav drives in Starfield are a great way to travel between various star systems.

However, finding the best grav drive depends on the player’s requirements.

Players may also notice that upgrading their grav drives can be a more efficient use of credits than downright purchasing a new one or buying a new ship itself.

Moreover, you will not find a quote on quote the best grav drive in Starfield.

You can purchase ships with grav drives that fulfill your requirements.

Hopefully, this article can guide you in finding the best grav drive for you in Starfield.

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