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Remnant 2 Hardened Iron: Easy Ways To Obtain it

To overcome the obstacles in the game, upgrading your weapons is a must.

Remnant 2 has different upgrade materials, including Hardened Iron.

It is one of those materials with exceptional lightweight properties and remarkable strength.

To obtain Hardened Iron in Remnant 2, you can buy it from Cass in Ward 13, find it in worlds or chests, or play adventure mode on harder difficulties and defeat bosses and corrupted enemies.

Continue reading to know the usage and location of Hardened Iron in Remnant 2.

What Is Hardened Iron?

Crafting materials in Remnant 2 are essential items players need for crafting and upgrading weapons, armor, amulets, or rings.

You can obtain these from bosses or defeated enemies.

Hardened Iron is one of the crafting upgrade materials in Remnant 2.

Similarly, you can use it to upgrade weapons and armor from level +16 to +19.

Due to its exceptionally lightweight properties, you can use it in crafting and upgrading weapons.

Moreover, it is also crucial in getting your chosen weapon to max level.

remnant 2 Hardened Iron obtain
You can obtain Hardened Iron in Ward 13.

Where To Find Hardened Iron?

There are basically two major ways by which you can find Hardened Iron.

You can usually find it in the locations given below:

1. Ward 13

You can mostly find Hardened Iron scattered out in the world.

The most primary location where you can find Hardened Iron is while exploring Ward 13.

Ward 13 is one of the exclusive locations and the central hub for trade.

It spawns in various areas around the ward; you just need to monitor its appearance.

2. Trading With Cass

Cass is an in-game Non-player character(NPC) in ward 13.

NPCs usually act as merchants; you can buy or sell various items to upgrade your inventories.

Therefore, you can also buy Hardened Iron from Cass for 300 Scraps.

Trading with Cass in Remnant 2.
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How To Get Hardened Iron In Remnant 2?

Although some items have a very less drop rate in Remnant 2, Hardened Iron is one of the most accessible items to obtain.

Here are some steps on how you can obtain it:

  1. First, enter Ward 13 in the game.
  2. Once you’re inside, you can look around for the Hardened Iron.
  3. Defeated enemies quickly drop Hardened Iron in the game.
  4. You can purchase it from Cass in 300 Scraps from Ward 13.
  5. Similarly, you can purchase it from Ace in 75 Scraps after a particular point/time in the story.

However, the catch is that the game usually tracks the team’s strength and gives you upgrades according to your strength.

So, Hardened Iron may not be available due to your weapon’s strength.

You will easily be able to obtain it after a few levels and upgrades in the game.

Once you have obtained the Hardened Iron, you can use it to upgrade the level of your weapons and defeat the enemies.

The Bottom Line

Hardened Iron in Remnant 2 is a very useful material.

It can increase the level of your weapon and your chances to win against enemies through carved weapons and armor.

You can obtain Hardened Iron from Ward 13 or trade with Cass or Ace.

Hopefully, players can obtain and effectively use Hardened Iron from various locations.

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