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Explore The Bridge Warden In Remnant 2

In Remnant 2, players must explore many areas, discover hidden secrets and defeat monsters.

The Bridge Warden in Remnant 2 is one of the NPCs that consists of a secret reward.

In Remnant 2, a Bridge Warden is a Big NPC/enemy players encounter at Mournful Promenade. Furthermore, you cannot cross the bridge if you attack him or any other Fae.

This article will discuss Bridge Warden’s location and rewards in Remnant 2.

Who Is Bridge Warden In Remnant 2?

Bridge Warden is the Big NPC with an axe in Remnant 2.

Players encounter Bridge Warden while they go through The Awakened King DLC.

Furthermore, players encounter him before they reach the large palace to speak with the One True King.

Upon reaching the Bridge Warden, you can freely speak to him. 

Bridge Warden
Players will encounter with Bridge Warden at the Mournful Promenade.

However, you must be careful; once you attack him, he will fight back.

Furthermore, you must also avoid attacking the enemies below the bridge to interact with them.

These enemies can include monsters like Fae and Dran.

Additionally, One of the intriguing parts of Bridge Warden is the reward players will get upon completing the dialogue.

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Where To Find The Bridge Warden In Remnant 2?

The Bridge Warden in Remnant 2 is located at the Mournful Promenade.

However, reaching that place is the players’ real challenge in  Remnant 2.

Here is the step-by-step guide to finding the Bridge Warden:

  1. You must return from the Forlorn Coast to the Drowned Wen to reach there.
  2. You will come across the small checkpoint and cross the boats during the run.
  3. Right after crossing the boat, you will notice a bunch of Fae and Dran fighting each other.
  4. So, if you restrain yourself from attacking any Fae or Dran, especially Fae, you will be rewarded with being able to talk to Bridge Warden without fighting him.
  5. Upon reaching the Drowned Wen, you will encounter a Bridge Warden sitting on the broken carriage.
Bridge Warden
Once players reach the Mournful Promenade, they can see the Bridge Warden sitting on the Broken cart.

The Bridge Warden seems aggressive; he will not attack if you did not attack any Fae earlier.

However, he might attack you in higher difficulty even if you did not attract the Fae.

Therefore, you have to be careful and equip your best gear.

How To Get The Reward From The Bridge Warden?

Players must interact with him to get the Reward from the Bridge Warden.

Once you interact with him, he will comment on how your character doesn’t reek it.

Then, he will talk about the blood hunter and how he makes Bridge Warden fight whoever approaches the bridge or smells of it.

After that, continue to speak to him; you have to choose to talk to him and then attack.

Then, he will permit you to cross the bridge and reward you with a ring called Bridge Warden Crest.

Bridge Warden Crest
Players can get Bridge Warden Crest once they finish the dialogue or defeat Bridge Warden.

The Bridge Warden Crest increases the melee damage by 15%  for 7 seconds after you execute a perfect dodge.

Furthermore, the Perfect Evade Flop gives players a 10% Damage Reduction for the duration.

The Bottom Line

The Bridge Warden is one of the secret NPC guards on the bridge, leading to One True King.

Furthermore, he offers some exciting rewards once you interact with him.

However, to interact with him, you must not fight against other Fae while approaching him.

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