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Deceit: A Powerful Weapon In Remnant 2

Remnant 2 has 76 weapons, including standard ones you can buy from Brabus and the boss variety you can get after battles.

Deceit is a long gun with elaborate filigree that masks its enormous capacity for devastation.

Deceit is a powerful weapon in Remnant 2 which is a long gun. It is efficient at medium to long range, and fires pinpoint accurate rounds with two penetrating rails, dealing deadly strikes with deftness.

In this article, you will get insights into weapons in Remnant 2, including the very details of Deceit – a powerful weapon in Remnant 2.

What Are Weapons In Remnant 2?

In Remnant 2, the player’s primary tool for damaging enemies and bosses is their arsenal of weapons.

Additionally, players can select from a wide range of base weaponry.

These include Melee Weapons, which are used in direct hand-to-hand combat.

Moreover, Handguns include pistols and submachine guns, and Long Guns include shotguns and rifles.

Furthermore, players can obtain weapons from dead enemies as loot at the end of various dungeons.

Additionally, they can get these by buying them from some Merchants.

Upgrades to Remnant 2 weapons can increase damage, impacting any associated Weapon modes.

In Remnant 2, there are numerous ways to obtain weapons.

Similar to Remnant: From the Ashes, players can obtain them from enemies and bosses or by purchasing them from merchants.

In the early game, Brabus, the arms dealer and a former boss from the previous game serves as a merchant.

Furthermore, players can also manufacture weapons and enhance them to deal more damage by using crafting materials.

Additionally, they can acquire crafting supplies in many places, looted from enemies or bosses, or purchased from merchants.

What Is Deceit In Remnant 2?

Deceit in Remnant 2 is the finest weapon in terms of weapon tiers.

Moreover, Deceit has the most base damage of all Remnant 2 unique weapons.

It has an elemental damage of 144 and a maximum damage of 360 at +10.

Moreover, Ford’s Scattergun is a standard starting weapon with 130 base damage for the Explorer class.

However, it lacks weapon modifications and has a meager chance of scoring a critical hit.

remnant 2 deceit
Deceit charges Melee Attacks and simultaneously fires all of the remaining Fragments.

With an excellent Ouroboros mod that transforms each hit into a weak spot hit, Deceit has a high 15% probability of scoring a critical hit.

Deceit is the game’s most accurate Long Gun that can become even more potent with the appropriate attachments.

Therefore, we suggest using accessories that raise damage, accuracy, or Fire rate.

How To Obtain Deceit In Remnant 2?

The powerful rifle Deceit causes a lot of damage. It is a fantastic option for players looking for a potent weapon to take on both close- and far-reaching foes.

In Remnant 2, there are two methods to acquire Deceit. In addition, you can assemble it at McCabe.

To obtain Deceit, you’ll require the following supplies:

  • Imposter’s Heart, 1x
  • Lumenite Crystal, 7x
  • Scrap, 650x

Then, you must take the Council Chamber and defeat Faelin.

In the Council Chamber, there is a boss by the name of Faelin. He leaves behind the Imposter’s Heart, which McCabe can refine into Deceit.

You might need to engage Faelin more than once to obtain The Imposter’s Heart because it is an uncommon drop from him.

Furthermore, you can try recruiting a group of players to help you if you have problems fighting Faelin.

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How To Use Deceit?

The use of the Deceit is rather simple. Here are some tips on how to utilize it efficiently:

  • Use a weapon with a rapid rate of fire in conjunction with the Deceit. By doing this, you’ll be able to take use of the Ouroboros mod and hurt adversaries as much as possible.
  • When facing adversaries with weak locations, use the Deceit. This is a wonderful approach to quickly eliminate foes with weakspots because the Ouroboros mod will make all assaults from the Deceit register as weakspot hits.
  • The Deceit can be modified to increase its accuracy or damage output. The Deceit can be enhanced with a variety of mods; try them out to see which ones suit your playstyle the most.

The Bottom Line

The Deceit is a powerful weapon in Remnant 2 with tremendous damage potential at both near and far ranges.

It is a challenging weapon to utilize, though, as it necessitates accuracy and playing to the weapon’s advantage.

Deceit is a skill that, if mastered, will grant you access to a potent weapon that will enable you to defeat even the most challenging foes.

However, Deceit will quickly become a liability if you are not careful.

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