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Broly Raid Rewards In Dragon Ball: Xenoverse 2

Broly Raid in Dragon Ball: Xenoverse 2 is a quest where 5-6 players join to fight against Broly.

Broly is a boss in Xenoverse 2 who has 2 presets of the default preset and his customized partner.

There are 2 rewards in Raiding the Broly, a Participation reward and a Personal reward which includes rewards for dealing a certain amount of damage to the Broly.

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What Is Broly Raid In Dragon Ball: Xenoverse 2?

A Broly raid is a special event where players team up to take on a formidable opponent named Broly.

Broly is the Legendary Super Saiyan known for his immense power and uncontrollable strength.

Players receive in-game notifications once they participate in the Broly raid through RIP of time.

The raid started on Jan 4, Thursday at 20:00 and will be ending on Jan 10, Wednesday at 22:00.

As players engage in intense battles against Broly, they earn what are known as contribution points.

Featuring Broly Raid
Featuring an image of the Broly Raid in Dragon Ball: Xenoverse 2.
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Rewards For Broly Raid In Xenoverse 2

Broly Raid rewards are rewards you obtain while participating and battling in the raid.

You can participate in a raid from the “Rip of Time (big blue hole)” on the west side of the shop area.

Raid Rewards
Broly Raid rewards after participating in the raid.

The Rewards that you can obtain from the Raid are as follows:

1. Participation Reward

You will get 1 Satan badge and 100 TP medals right after you successfully participate in the raid.

What makes Broly Raid rewards even more special is that they are often exclusive to the event’s duration.

This reward is the beginning of the reward shower as more are to come during the raid.

2. 5000 Damage Dealt Reward

Once you deal 5000 damage to the Boss named Broly, you will get 50 TP medals with the nickname Fierce.”

You will also get a Kefla’s Wig which is a Super Saiyan after dealing the damage.

3. 15,000 Damage Dealt Reward

After battling for a certain time and dealing 15k damage, you will pass another checkpoint for the reward.

During this, you’ll get 50 TP medals, Son Goku’s cold weather clothes, and a Broly’s wig (black hair/anger).

4. Damage Done 30,000

This is another checkpoint for the reward where you will receive one more Nickname “Berserk.”

Along with that, you’ll receive 50 TP medals, 2 Super Souls, and Vegeta’s cold-weather clothes.

5. Damage Dealt 50,000

This is the semi-final stage where Broly is at his weakest point after dealing the amount of damage.

Here, you’ll get 50 TP medals, the nickname “The Final Weapon” and Broly’s clothes (upper and lower hands).

6. Defeating The Broly

After defeating the Broly in the raid with 100,000 damage dealt, you will receive the final reward for the raid.

Hence, there are 50 TP medals and nicknames “Avenger.”

The Bottom Line

Participating in the Broly Raid is not just about the battles; it’s also about reaping the rewards that await successful participants.

The Broly Raid rewards in Dragon Ball: Xenoverse 2 turn an already thrilling event into a memorable experience.

So, gear up, gather your team, and prepare to claim your well-deserved spoils from the Broly Raid.

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