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What Are The Differences In Difficulty In Remnant 2?

Remnant 2 is a new game with new players, and players from Remnant: From the Ashes are mostly wondering about the game’s quality and difficulties.

The difficulty level is relatively high because the game is featured as a soul-like game.

However, you can change the game’s difficulty setting to simplify it.

Remnant 2 offers the player four Different difficulty levels: Survivor, Veteran, Nightmare, and Apocalypse. And they will be available to you at the start while you have to unlock the remaining one.

Please continue reading to find more details about the difficulties in Remnant 2 and their differences.

What Is The Difficulty In Remnant 2?

Remnant 2 is designed to be challenging regardless of the difficulty you choose.

However, once you go out and explore the deadly biomes and gain the Souls-like Experience, you might find the things that are easy or hard for you.

This may encourage you to change the difficulty level that suits your level of gameplay.

Furthermore, in Remnant 2, players can choose from four difficulties and unlock an ultra-hard mode only after beating the game.

They can change the difficulty level only at the beginning of the game or if they reroll the campaign altogether.

However, rerolling the campaign will reset all your progression while allowing you to keep your scrap (In-game cash), Gears, and Upgrades.

Instead, you can change the difficulties in Adventure mode without having to rest all your progress.

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What Are The Differences In Difficulty In Remnant 2?

You will be offered four difficulties with their uniqueness and challenges in Remnant 2.

What are the difficulties in difficulty in remnant2
Players must select the difficulties from the four options where the last one is locked.

This game has some similar features to the Souls-like genre. However, one of the most significant differences is the difficulty levels.

Here are their differences.

  1. Survivor: This is the most accessible difficulty level and is a solid starting point for new players.
  2. Veteran: This is the default setting players get when they play the game for the first time. This level gives players a more demanding experience with tougher and deadlier enemies. Moreover, it is recommended for the player who enjoys a challenge.
  3. Nightmare: Nightmare Level is complicated and recommended for players familiar with the game; however not recommended as a starting point.
  4. Apocalypse: Apocalypse is the highest difficulty level in-game; every aspect of the game is against you, and clearing the game is almost impossible. Furthermore, this mode is locked initially, and you must clear the game to unlock this mode.
Note: The game will be more challenging if you play as a Solo.

Furthermore, the table shows the differences across the difficulties in experience, mob hp, damage, and others in Remnant 2.

DifficultyExperienceMob DamageBoss HPBoss Damage

The Bottom Line

Setting the difficulty depends on your skill level, expertise, and whether you play solo or co-op.

Additionally, it determines how much you have developed the game sense and helps you make strategic decisions in the mids of the battle.

Furthermore, I recommend playing in the Survivor difficulty as it allows you to learn the game’s mechanics.

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