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How To Complete The Dranception Event In Remnant 2?

The Dranception Event in Remnant 2 is one of the Awakened King events where you can obtain a remarkable weapon.

Many players are excited to complete the Dranception event in Remnant 2 to forge an Anguish weapon.

In the Remnant 2 Dranception event, you must craft the Anguish by obtaining an Occult Vessel. To find the Occult vessel, you must travel to Root Earth, complete the Ethereal Manor Event, find all the Drans to obtain Dran’s dream and teleport to the Forgotten Null.

Continue reading to find a step-by-step guide on completing the Dranception event in Remnant 2.

What Is The Dranception Event In Remnant 2?

Dranception event is a quest where you must talk to specific characters, use special items, and explore different worlds.

Furthermore, the Dranception event is about finding all the materials needed to craft the Anguish Handgun.

The awakened king weapons
Dranception event involves finding different materials.

Anguish is a handgun in Remnant 2 which has an incredible ability to charge up shots.

Moreover, you can fire off a powerful explosive rod with the help of Anguish.

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Steps To Complete The Dranception Event In Remnant 2

To complete the Dranception Event, you must accumulate materials to craft the Anguish weapon.

In addition, you cannot find the Anguish in the game, as it is a unique weapon that needs to be crafted.

Hence, you must craft the Anguish Handgun in the McCabe store in Ward 13 to complete the Dranception event.

Follow the steps below to find the materials required to craft the Anguish in Remnant 2.

1. Head To The Root Earth

You must find the X1 Occult Vessel, X7 Lumenite Crystal and x1000 Scrap to craft Anguish.

Furthermore, you first must run a post-DLC and play on a campaign mode to gain these materials.

Now, you must go to the location called the Root Earth.

2. Complete The Ethereal Manor Event

You must complete the Ethereal Manor Event by going to Losomn.

After you complete the event, you will receive Death Soaked Idol and Crimson Dreamstone.

Furthermore, remember that to get the Crimson Dreamstone, you must use the liquid Escape.

This is the most critical phase of the Dranception event, as you must not die.

Player going to Losomn in Remnant 2.

If you die from here on, you must restart the whole process and complete the Ethereal Manor Event again.

Therefore, you must undertake this challenge on Survivor difficulty to enhance your survival chances.

3. Find First Dran In McCabe Store In Ward 13

Now move ahead to the McCabe in Ward 13, where you will find Dran at the Ward Gate.

Hence, the objective of finding Dran is to locate similar Dran in different places throughout the event.

4. Locate The Second Dran In Yaesha

To find the other Drans, you must go to a dense forest of Pan called Yaesha.

Furthermore, you can find the Dran in a location called the Red Throne in the lands of Yaesha.

You will spot the Dran near the two Pan soldiers of Yaesha, so talk to him.

5. Go To The Labyrinth To Find The Third Dran 

You must go to the Labyrinth to find the third Dran during the Dranception event.

Hence, there is a giant portal in the labyrinth, so go behind it to find the Dran and talk to him.

6. Discover Other Remaining Drans 

Go to the forgotten prison area, find the Dran again in the chamber, and talk to him.

Similarly, return to the Root Earth to find Dran again in the Trainyard Siege.

7. Obtain The Dran’s Dream

Now you must venture to Tormented Asylum on Losomn to find and obtain Dran’s Dream.

When you finally get the Dran’s Dream, you must use it to teleport to the Forgotten Null.

tak to draN
Return to the Root Earth to find Dran again in the Trainyard Siege.

Hence, this is the place where you will obtain the Occult Vessel to craft the Anguish Handgun.

8. Craft The Anguish Handgun At McCabe Store

The final step of the Dranception event is to take the Occult Vessel to McCabe Store in Ward 13.

Hence, McCabe will use the Ocucult vessel in the store to craft the Anguish Handgun for you.

The Bottom Line

The Dranception event is tricky to complete as you must explore all the grounds in Remnant 2.

However, if you locate all the Drans and talk to them, you can teleport to the Forgotten Null to obtain Occult Vessel.

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