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Guide To Complete Remnant 2 Glistering Cloister Puzzle

Glistering Cloister is the new area in Remnant 2 that players can explore after installing “The Awakened King DLC.”

The area brings forth new bosses, enemies and new items for players to encounter.

The glistering cloister features a puzzle players can complete to obtain a great damage buffing ring and even go up against one of the new bosses to obtain an extra trait point and craft a new weapon mod.
This article discusses the Glistering cloister in Remant 2.

What Is The Glistering Cloister In Remnant 2?

The Glistering Cloister is a new area in Losomn. It is one of the new locations players can explore after the new DLC.

Furthermore, players cannot access the location unless they own the DLC. The location features new enemies, loot and even a new boss.

It also introduces the one true king who resides and controls the Faes in Remnant 2.

Furthermore, the DLC also introduces a new archetype named “The Ritualist”.

In the Glistering Cloister, players will encounter a new boss to defeat to obtain some good loot.

However, the boss is an optional enemy, thus, players can choose not to go up against it.

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How To Reach The Glistering Cloister In Remnant 2?

To get to the Glistering Cloister Puzzle, players must first reach the Glistering Cloister.

Players will find a path leading to the Glistering cloister on the northeast portion of the Forlorn Castle.

Here, players will find a path under a giant collapsed bridge. After going through it, a path will lead players to the entrance of the Glistering Cloister.

The path leading to the mirror room is not so straightforward, however, players cannot miss the room.

This is mainly because the room is on the path towards Bruin, Blade of The King.

Furthermore, the room is rather beautiful and shiny per se thus, players will notice it the moment they come across it.

After entering the room, players will notice that the room is mirrored below.

And, near the pillar at the center of the room, there is a table with a note.

riddle for mirror puzzle glistering cloister
Players will find a note with a riddle in the mirror puzzle room of Glistering Cloister.

The note contains a riddle that players can read to find the hidden item in the room after they solve the puzzle.

Complete The Glistering Cloister Puzzle

Here is a guide to completing the mirror puzzle of Glistering Cloister in Remnant 2:

  1. First, players must look below them.
  2. Then, the players must find a golden vase in the mirror.
    golden vase puzzle glistering cloister
    Find the golden vase in the mirror puzzle in Glistering Cloister.
  3. After the players find the vase, they must destroy the hidden vase in the room.
  4. The vase is exactly in the same place as it is in the mirrored room.

After following the aforementioned steps, players will obtain the “Shaed Ring.”

This ring will increase the damage of all skills by 12%.

shaed stone ring glistering cloister
Shaed stone ring from the mirror puzzle.

New Boss In Glistering Cloister

Players will also meet the new boss in the Glistering Cloister.

The boss goes by “Bruin, Blade Of The King”. The boss features a total of four skills.

The skills are Quick Stab, Blade Throwing, Death Rush, and Jumping Blades.

Also, players must specifically pay attention to the Blade Throwing ability because the boss will randomly throw the blades mid-attack.

bruin glistering cloister boss remnant 2
Bruin is the final boss in the glistering cloister Remnant 2.

Moreover, this skill can completely deplete the player’s health if it connects.

Thus, players must make sure to dodge it as soon as the boss uses the skill.

Players must target the Head, the Skulls of his abdomen and the Back to defeat Bruin in Remnant 2.

After defeating the boss, players can obtain 1 Wrecthed Skill, 1 Tome of Knowledge, 3 Lumenite Crystals and 5 hundred Scrap.

The Bottom Line

Players can expect more bosses and enemies in the upcoming DLCs that the developers will release.

The release is expected in 2024, and the DLC can bring new classes or mechanics to the game.

Thus, players must make sure to keep themselves up to date with the changes in Remnant 2.

Hopefully, this article can guide you in learning more about the Glistering Cloister in Remnant 2.

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