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Find Out About All New Mutators In Remnant 2

Remnant 2 features different weapons and mutators that can suit different playstyles and strategies.

Moreover, players can use mutators, equipment that can add special effects to their weapons.

The Halloween patch of Remnant 2, released on October 27, added new mutators to the game. So, players can now explore the game and try these new mutators to enhance their shooting ability.

This article explains the new mutators added to Remnant 2 and how to use them effectively.

What Are Mutators In Remnant 2?

Mutators in Remnant 2 enhance both ranged and melee weapons, providing combat versatility.

Each weapon offers a single mutator slot, whether ranged or melee.

Players must choose mutators carefully due to the one-slot limitation.

One significant advantage is that Remnant II Mutators do not require energy.

Additionally, players can freely equip and switch between them without any limitations.

This flexibility allows players to experiment with different Remnant 2 Mutators.

Also, they can create personalized builds that suit their playstyle and preferences.

Moreover, the game also incorporates a leveling system to encourage players to invest in and progress with their chosen mutators.

As mutators level up, their effects strengthen.

New Mutators In Remnant 2

Here are the new mutators introduced in the Remnant 2 Halloween event:

  1. Bottom Feeder: This mutator enhances your damage output by 10% for every 25% of your missing health.
    new mutator remnant 2
    This mutator is a new addition to the game that boosts your damage output.
  2. Bottom Heavy: While this mutator makes your melee attacks 20% slower, it also amplifies their strength by 20%.
    remnant 2 new mutator
    Bottom Heavy is also a new mutator that helps in melee attacks.

    This is also a new mutator that helps in melee attacks.

  3. Ingenuity: This mutator boosts your reload speed by 10% for every 25% of your missing health.
    new mutators remnant 2
    Ingenuity mutator enhances your weapon’s speed.
  4. Latency: It reduces the charge requirement for melee abilities that rely on charge.
  5. Opportunist: When facing staggered or downed enemies, this mutator increases your damage output by 10%.
    new mutators remnant 2
    Opportunist mutator also helps to increase your damage output.

    This mutator also helps to increase your damage output.

  6. Spirit Healer: This mutator heals you by 5% of your maximum health upon defeating an enemy.
  7. Stormbringer: Augments the Status Effect Damage caused by Melee Attacks by 25%. Also, it reduces the enemy’s Resistance to All Status Damage by 10% for 10 seconds.
    new mutators remnant 2
    This mutator boosts the status effect damage.
  8. Edgelord: This mutator Boosts your Melee Charge Speed by 15% and Melee Attack Speed by 10%. Also, You’ll recover 3% of your charged melee damage as Lifesteal.
  9. Shocker: With this mutator, your weapon gains power after five hits. Your subsequent Charged Melee strike will deliver 50 SHOCK Damage to every enemy within 10 meters when it is boosted. 
    new mutators remnant 2
    Shocker mutator adds power to your weapon.

You can acquire these mutators as drops by defeating Aberration enemies during Halloween.

After the event, they will still be available as drops from bosses and Aberrations, though at a reduced drop rate.

How To Use New Mutators In Remnant 2?

Players can use mutators to enhance their weapons and create different combat strategies.

However, not all mutators are suitable for all weapons or situations.

To apply a mutator, you should initially attach it to a weapon.

Once attached, the mutator activates when you use that weapon.

Mutators are interchangeable, but switching means forfeiting the previous mutator’s benefits.

Mutators enable the development of potent, distinct character configurations.

For instance, you can use Bottom Feeder and Ingenuity mutators to form a setup dealing substantial damage at low health while reloading swiftly.

Alternatively, Latency and Opportunist mutators combined excel at incapacitating and defeating foes.

So, you’ll need to choose mutators that suit your playstyle and help you achieve your objectives.

The Bottom Line

Players can use the mutators mentioned above to create powerful and unique builds.

Moreover, you must choose mutators that adapt to your situation and give you an edge over your opponents. 

You need to experiment and find out the best mutator for yourself.

Continue reading to learn how to obtain the Bright Steel Ring and Ring of Grace in Remnant 2.
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