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How To Complete Tree Questions Quests In Remnant 2?

In Remnant 2, you’re a survivor who can travel between different realms and dimensions to fight against the Root.

You will encounter challenges, enemies, bosses, and secrets along your journey.

The Tree Question in Remnant 2 is a quest that involves answering a series of moral dilemmas posed by Meidra. To complete this quest, you must find a tree, speak to the riddle, choose your answer and receive your reward.

Continue reading more to learn what Tree Question is and how to complete it.

What Is Tree Question In Remnant 2?

The Tree Question in Remnant 2 is a quest that involves answering a series of moral dilemmas posed by a mysterious NPC named Meidra.

Meidra is a mysterious NPC

Further, you will find Meidra in the Yaesha region of the game, and she will ask you five questions out of a possible 15.

Depending on your answers, you will align yourself with either the Doe or the Ravager and receive one of two traits as a reward.

Additionally, the Doe’s trait is Barkskin, which reduces incoming damage, and the Ravager’s trait is Bloodstream, which increases grey health regeneration.

bark skin, remnant 2 tree questions
Bark Skin reduces incoming damage

However, you can only get one of these traits per playthrough unless you re-roll the world and reencounter Meidra.

While the Tree Question quest is optional but can impact your character’s development and gameplay.

Contrarily, it also offers some insight into the lore and culture of Yaesha, as Meidra’s questions reflect the values and beliefs of the Pan race. 

How To Complete Tree Question In Remnant 2?

The Tree Question is a random event that can occur in the Yaesha region of Remnant 2.

Here are the steps to complete the tree question in Remnant 2:

1. Find The Tree

The tree can spawn in the Verdant Strand, The Scalding Glade, The Withering Village, or The Forbidden Grove.

However, looking at your map, you will know if the tree is present.

A purple icon with a question mark will also be on it, indicating a random event.

Contrarily, go to that location and interact with the tree to start the question.

2. Listen To The Riddle

The tree will speak to you and ask you one of four possible riddles.

Each riddle has two possible answers, one correct and one incorrect.

Therefore, you can only choose one answer, so listen carefully and try to figure out the logic behind the riddle.

Moreover, here are the four Riddles and their answers:

Riddle: I have a face but no eyes. I have hands but no fingers. I tell time, but I don’t know it. What am I?

Answer: A clock.

Riddle: I have no voice, but I can speak to you. I have no limbs, but I can point the way. I have no life, but I can help you live. What am I?

Answer: A book.

Riddle: I have many keys but few locks. I have space but no room. You can enter but not leave. What am I?

Answer: A keyboard.

Riddle: I have no legs, but I can run. I have no lungs, but I can breathe. I have no mouth, but I can spit. What am I?

Answer: A river.

 3. Choose Your Answer

After hearing the Riddle, you will be given two options.

Then, you can select your answer from the left and right arrows on your keyboard or controller.

Finally, press the interact button to confirm your choice.

4. Receive Your Reward Or Fight

The tree will congratulate and reward you if you choose the correct answer.

The reward can be one of the following items:

  1. Ring of Evasion: Increases evade window by 25%.
Ring of evasion, remnant 2 tree questions
Ring of evasion is one of four rings.
  1. Ring of Supremacy: Increases damage by 25% when no enemies are within 8 meters.
  2. Ring of Shadows: Increases critical chance by 15% when attacking enemies from behind.
  3. Ring of Synergy: Increases mod power generation by 50% when at least two enemies are within 8 meters.
ring of synergy, remnant 2 tree questions
Ring of Synergy is a reward. 

If you choose the wrong answer, the tree will mock you and summon enemies to attack you.

The enemies can be either Pan or Stalkers, depending on the area where the tree is located.

You will have to fight them off and survive until the event ends

The Bottom Line

The Tree Question is a test of your wit and wisdom, as well as your courage and skill.

If you answer correctly, you will receive a reward. However, if you answer incorrectly, you must fight some enemies.

Moreover, the reward can be one of four rings that affect your character differently. 

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