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Stairs In Return To Moria: Climbing From Depths To Heights

Stairs are essential in Return to Moria since the map of Moria is a complex maze including massive caves.

There are stairs in different areas, primarily mines and caves, but some might need repair.

In Return to Moria, stairs are like a ladder attached to the ground and are essential for reaching certain areas, such as the Bridge of Khazad Dum.

Continue reading to learn more about Stairs and different locations where you can find them in Return to Moria.

What Is Return To Moria Stairs?

Stairs allow you to go up or down to different levels in Return to Moria.

They are like stairs in your house, but in the game, you need to use them to move between different levels or areas.

However, you can often find them in mines, caves, and other underground areas because they are intense.

ladder which are essential for reaching certain areas
Stairs are like a ladder essential for reaching certain areas in Moria.

If there would not have been any stairs, then you would have to climb down steep walls, which could be dangerous.

For example, the Bridge of Khazad Dum is high above the ground, so the only way to reach it is to climb a long flight of stairs.

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Locations Where You Will Need Stairs In Return To Moria

Some of the purposes and locations where you will need stairs in Return of Moria are:

1. Easter Stairs

These stairs are located at the far eastern end of Moria.

They act as the gateway to the bridge of Khazad-Dum, a vital crossing point between the different regions of Moria.

 repair the eastern stairs
You can repair the eastern stairs with 100 Ihraz Granite and 20 Black Diamonds.

They were initially destroyed as part of an age-old feud between the Dwarves and the Balrog, the evil creatures dwelling in Moria’s depths.

Although they destroyed the stairs, you can repair them with 100 Ihraz Granite and 20 Black Diamonds.

2. Western Stairs

It is located in the primary city of Moria, known as Dwarrowdelf.

The city features numerous staircases that connect different parts of the city, crafting stations.

These stairs allow you to move up and down within the city and explore various areas.

Moreover, the West Stairs lead down from the Dwarrowdelf to the Mines of Moria.

3. The Bridge Of Khazad-Dum

This bridge features stairs high above the ground on both ends.

The bridge was destroyed during Gandalf’s battle with the Balrog.

Your task is to rebuild it to access the easter exit of Moria, which leads up to the Bridge of Khazad-Dum.

4. The Eastern Bastion

Additionally, the bridge’s location is right above the bridge of Khazad-Dum.

It is one of the strategic locations where you can establish a camp and manage resources.

Therefore, this bridge leads up to the Eastern Bastion.

5. Upper Armories Of The Third Deep

These stairs connect the Mines of Moria to the region known as Barazinbar.

The Upper Armories of the Third Deep is a heavily guarded armory containing powerful weapons and armor.

However, players must climb a series of stairs to reach there.

6. Crossroads Of Zirakzigil

This location serves as a hub that links the Western Halls, Mines of Moria, and Dwarrowdelf.

Players must climb a series of stairs to reach the Crossroads of Zirakzigil.

Moreover, you must use these stairs to progress, particularly after obtaining Durin’s Axe.

7. Cruel Caradhras

Likewise, the area is also called the mountain Barazinbar, the lower deep.

It is considered a dangerous region of Moria, containing powerful enemies and valuable resources.

Therefore, the Crystal Descent leads to the stairs to Cruel Caradhras.

8. The Darkest Deeps

It is a significant location where you discover valuable resources and face challenges.

Players must climb a series of stairs to reach the Darkest Deeps since it is only accessible through stairs and planks.

Therefore, it is one of the hazardous regions of Moria that contains the Balrog.

9. Balrog’s Lair

It is the home of the Balrog, the most potent enemy in Moria.

It would be best to climb a series of stairs to reach Balrog’s Lair.

Hence, he is the final boss in the Balrog’s Lair.

The Bottom Line 

A complex network of stairs fills the mines of Moria, which serves as an essential guide for navigating the underground world.

Furthermore, the Northern Stairs lead from the Mines of Moria to the Elven Quarter whereas Southern lead down to the Underdeeps.

Therefore, if you ever get lost in the mines or caves of Moria, search for the stairs, and they will lead you.

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