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How To Solve Reverse 1999 Thursday Puzzle?

Reverse 1999 is a famous time-traveling game catching the attention of gamers.

You will go through many eras in the story, such as The Great Depression of 1929 and many more.

The Thursday puzzle in Reverse 1999 means figuring out where to locate the fish and chips and peas puree in the kitchen, and players must use clues and a process of elimination to solve it in Chapter 3, Stage 7.

In this article, we will discuss what the Thursday puzzle is in Reverse 1999.

Riddles In Reverse 1999

In Reverse 1999, riddles are like tricky puzzles that make the game more interesting.

Those riddles are often intertwined with the game’s narrative, 

Solving these riddles needs careful observation, logical thinking, and understanding of clues in the game.

The riddles cover various topics, like finding things or answering questions about the characters.

So, riddles are a fun and important part of the Reverse 1999 game.

Fish And Chips In The Kitchen Riddle In Reverse 1999

Fish and Chips in the Kitchen riddle is a puzzling challenge encountered after completing Chapter 3, Stage 7.

It revolves around finding the location of two food items: fish and chips and peas puree.

thursday fish and chips puzzle
The Fish and Chips in the Kitchen is a challenge you will encounter after completing Chapter 3, Stage 7.

To solve this riddle, players receive notes describing where these items were on different days.

On Monday, the notes stated that fish and chips were in the closet and bread was in the cabinet.

It also stated that peas puree were on the shelf, and vegetables were in the basket.

While the notes for Tuesday and Wednesday are smudged, players can deduce their contents based on Monday’s notes.

However, the note for Thursday is missing, which indicates players need to solve the riddle of Thursday based on the previous notes.

The items are in a unique place every time, which is an essential clue for the riddle.

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Reverse 1999: The Thursday Puzzle

The goal is to determine where these items(Fish and chips and Peas puree) are on Thursday.

By process of elimination, players figure out that fish and chips haven’t been in the basket yet.

Furthermore, after some investigation, you’ll discover that the pea puree hasn’t been in the cabinet.

So, the answers are that the fish and chips are in the basket, and the peas puree is in the cabinet on Thursday.

puzzle complete thursday reverse
The answers are the basket and cabinet.

Moreover, this riddle tests your problem-solving skills and is an essential part of the game’s challenges.

reverse 1999 puzzle
The notes of Tuesday and Wednesday are smudged, and Thursday is missing.

The Bottom Line

In conclusion, Reverse 1999 has gained widespread popularity among gamers for its exciting time-traveling adventures.

One standout feature of the game is the inclusion of riddles.

For instance, the “Fish and Chips in the Kitchen” puzzle in Chapter 3, Stage 7, challenges players to figure out where certain food items are.

Overall, Reverse 1999 offers an engaging mix of story and puzzles.

Happy Gaming!

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