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Extract Emercom Checkpoint On Ground Zero

Ground Zero is the newest map in Escape from Tarkov, which throws players into a chaotic urban with danger and opportunity.

One crucial element in every Tarkovian’s survival kit is their knowledge of extraction points.

Among these, the Emercom Checkpoint is a high-risk, high-reward gateway to escape.

The Emercom checkpoint is an extraction point on the Interchange map in Escape from Tarkov. You must locate the checkpoint, approach the extraction zone, and activate the extraction to extract from the Emercom Checkpoint on Ground Zero.

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Emercom Checkpoint In Tarkov

The Emercom checkpoint is an extraction point on the Interchange map in Escape from Tarkov.

It is located on the southeast edge of the map, near a blockaded road with an extended trailer.

Further, Ground Zero refers to the center of the Interchange, where a vast ULTRA shopping mall is located.

shopping mall
Ground Zero is situated near ULTRA shopping mall.

The Emercom Checkpoint is available for both PMC and Scav players but may not always be active.

Players can check the status of the extraction point by pressing the O key twice.

Contrarily, it is a risky extraction point, as it is exposed to sniper fire from the nearby buildings and hills.

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How To Extract From Emercom Checkpoint?

To extract from Emercom Checkpoint on Ground Zero in Escape from Tarkov:

1. Locate The Checkpoint

Find your way to the southeast edge of the map.

Then, look for the “Emercom” sign on a building near a gate.

Hence, follow the road past the gate until you see an extended trailer and a blockaded path.

2. Approach The Extraction Zone

You must walk up to the green truck by the blockaded path next to the extended trailer.

Stay alert for potential enemy encounters, as this extract can be a popular spot.

green truck
Walk up to the green truck by the blockaded path.

3. Activate The Extraction

Once you’re in the designated extraction zone, the timer should start counting down.

Hence, remain within the zone until the timer reaches zero to extract successfully.

How To Use The Emercom Checkpoint?

Follow the guidance below to use the Emercom Checkpoint:

1. Clear The Area: Before entering the extraction zone, clear the surrounding buildings and bushes of potential threats.

2. Use Cover: Utilize the concrete barriers and tents for cover while approaching the extraction point.

clear areas
Clear the surrounding buildings and bushes of potential threats.

3. Listen For Sounds: Pay attention to footsteps, gunshots, and other audio cues that might indicate enemy presence.

4. Move Quickly: Once safe, enter the extraction zone quickly to minimize exposure time.

5. Group Up: Squad up with other PMCs or Scavs for increased safety and firepower.

The Bottom Line

Unlike some Tarkov extractions, the Emercom Checkpoint operates on a simple principle: step inside, and you’re out.

Thus, the Emercom Checkpoint can be a valuable asset for aggressive players who thrive on quick getaways.

However, extraction points like the Tunnel or the River Bridge might be a safer option for those who prefer a more cautious approach.

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