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The First Descendant: Thunder Cage Mounting

The Thunder Cage Mounting in The First Descendant is a powerful strategy to apply to enhance your gameplay.

It’s a fast electric gun that deals big damage and has a protective shield.

For the Thunder Cage mounting in The First Descendant, you must equip it as your main weapon during combat to unlock its full potential and benefits, including increased damage, critical hit chance, and shield strength.

This article will discuss the Thunder Cage Mounting in The First Descendent.

What Is The Thunder Cage?

The Thunder Cage is a powerful weapon that you can obtain in The First Descendant.

It is a fast-shooting electric gun capable of dealing significant damage to enemies.

The Thunder Cage provides players with a protective shield that allows them to defend against incoming attacks during intense battles.

How To Obtain The Thunder Cage?

To acquire the Thunder Cage, players must complete a series of in-game tasks and gather rare crafting materials.

You can obtain these components by defeating powerful enemies that have a chance to drop loot.

Additionally, you may discover materials by thoroughly exploring areas of the game’s maps.

Completing challenging main missions and side quests provides opportunities to obtain crafting materials.

You must collect all of the necessary materials to construct the Thunder Cage.

thunder cage first descendent
To acquire the Thunder Cage, players must complete a series of in-game tasks and gather rare crafting materials.

Diving into underground dungeons or high-level zones will reward players with a chance to obtain the crafting components.

You can access special crafting stations once you gather all the materials in your inventory.

These stations are located throughout the game’s hub areas and cities.

By interacting with these stations, players can initiate the crafting process.

You can successfully construct the weapon if you have learned the Thunder Cage blueprint and collected all the materials.

This allows players to add the Thunder Cage to their arsenal.

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Thunder Cage Mounting In The First Descendant

Once players have the powerful Thunder Cage by collecting rare crafting materials, it must be mounted to access its full benefits.

Mounting the Thunder Cage refers to equipping it as the main weapon.

Additionally, it means actively using it during combat situations in The First Descendant.

Simply having the Thunder Cage in one’s inventory is not enough.

It needs to be the selected armament for its effects to activate.

These effects include the increase of damage critical hit chance and shield strength.

Other bonuses become available as you upgrade the Thunder Cage.

mount thunder cage
Bonuses are available as you upgrade the Thunder Cage.

However, no stat boosts or perks will apply unless the Thunder Cage is the player’s equipped primary weapon.

If a player switches to a different armament as their main, the Thunder Cage optimizing will deactivate.

Proper mounting of the Thunder Cage through dedicated equipping unlocks its full potential and attributes.

Furthermore, players must make the Thunder Cage their go-to weapon by keeping it mounted at all times during missions, dungeon runs, and boss battles.

This ensures they can benefit from the Thunder Cage’s damage output, shielding, and other upgrades against the most challenging enemies.

The Bottom Line

The Thunder Cage in The First Descendant is a strong electric gun with a shield.

Craft it at special stations when you have the blueprint and materials.

But remember, you must use it as your main weapon to get its full power, like more damage and a better shield.

Happy Gaming!

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