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Discovering The Planet With Iron And Aluminum In Starfield

Starfield is about exploring numerous planets and mining resources to keep things exciting and survive in vast space.

Iron and Aluminum are the common resources that can be gathered by mining on Different Planets or purchasing from vendors in Starfield.

In Starfield, the player must visit the moon called Andraphone in the Narion System to find Iron and Aluminum. This moon orbits around Sumati and has several other resources to mine.

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What Are Resources In Starfield?

In Starfield, players can mine several valuable resources by extracting planets and moons.

Players can sell these resources for credits, use them for crafting different mods, or upgrade weapon components and equipment.

Moreover, you will need some resources if you are going to explore space whether for manufacturing parts for your ship or powering one of the moon bases.

Generally, surveying planets is one of the main activities from which you can find resources.

Moreover, players can also get a few resources in crates, recipes, and loot.

Players can mine different resource types in the game, but we will discuss two resources here.

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1. Aluminum(AI)

Aluminum is the standard metal you will first discover while building an outpost.

It is a very robust and versatile material so that players can see its use scattered everywhere, from weapon modification to space hip customization.

They are lightweight, commonly alloyed with copper, Iron and metals to improve their strength.

It is usually now in the purest form, so you may need to do some processing unless the cutter tool automatically processes the oxide and crystals in usable materials.

Furthermore, being a reasonably Common resource, players don’t travel so far to get this resource.

Two known vendors in Starfield sell specific resources, including Aluminum.

The Jemison Mercantile, found in the Commercial District of New Atlantis, and Jane’s Goods, found in Cydonia on Mars.

You can purchase from this vendor if you require a lot of Aluminium.

A planet is located on the Olympic system with a lot of Aluminum.

On the other hand, if you don’t want to spend credits, you can still extract it yourself.

One of the best places to farm Aluminum is the Planet Thalassa at Olympis System. You can find tons of Aluminum in every direction you go.

It is also a low-level area and very close to the Starting Planet. Therefore, set your outpost on Thalassa to farm Aluminum.

2. Iron

Iron in Starfield is a Crafting Resource. Players need Iron in their inventory to craft weapon modifications or outpost modules.

Unlike Aluminum, it doesn’t need to be processed before use. Therefore, it is simple to gather a large quantity of irons.

You can easily extract this resource as you traverse every planet because it is also very common.

To get Iron, go out for mining rather than looking for the vendors.

Watch for the elemental abbreviation “Fe” as you search different planets.

Therefore, one Place where you can find Iron is called Kreet.

Players can easily use the cutter to extract the Iron deposit on the Moon of Anselon.

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Planet With Iron And Aluminum In Starfield

There are not many planets with both Iron and Aluminum.

However, two Planets consisting of Iron and Aluminum Andraphon and Delta Vulpes V-C.

andraphon aluminun and iron planet
The Andraphon planet is located in the Naruion system.

Besides Iron and Aluminum, these planets have resources such as Helium and Beryllium.

Furthermore, this Planet can be a good choice while starting the first outpost mainly because it has Iron and Aluminum.

In addition, there are specific biomes, such as craters and mountains, where you can step up the outpost and mine all resources. 

To get the underground resource, you must use the scanner and scan the area until it is green.

Then, build your outpost and set up the extractor to get the underground Aluminum.

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The Bottom Line

In Starfield, Iron and Aluminum are both commonly found resources.

Furthermore, different planets have these resources separately, but only a few planets have both of them together.

On the Other hand, players can also purchase some Iron and Aluminum from the vendors at different locations.

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