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Ruined Fortress City In Mount Obsidian Palworld: Get Huge Dragon Egg

Palworld contains a variety of landmarks throughout the map, and Ruined Fortress City is one of them.

This rocky landmark is home to many fire-type Pals as it is surrounded by volcanic mountains.

The Ruined Fortress City in Palworld holds the key to many secrets as players have discovered huge Dragon Eggs within it.

Continue reading this article to learn about the Ruined Fortress City in Palworld.

Where Is Ruined Fortress City In Palworld?

Players can find the Ruined Fortress City at the top of Mount Obsidian, and it can also act as a good home base.

There are many types of biomes and landmarks in Palworld that introduce new Pals and resources.

Similarly, one such landmark is called the Mount Obsidian which lies far-west of the map.

This landmark is surrounded by volcanoes and magma pools that spawn strong fire-type Pals.

Ruined Fortress City
Location of Ruined Fortress City in Palworld.

Players are suggested to take a flying Pal to travel here as it is the furthest landmark on the map.

Additionally, players will find trouble ascending the mountain on foot due to various natural hazards.

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Is Ruined Fortress City A Good Base?

Yes, the Ruined Fortress City is one of the best natural bases in the Palworld game.

Moreover, the naturally rocky and high-altitude layout of the region makes it very safe from ambush.

To set up a base here, players must craft a Palbox using the following ingredients:

  • 1 Paldium Fragment
  • 8 pieces of Wood
  • 3 pieces of Stone

Then, they can place the Palbox on the ground to set up the new spawn point.

Additionally, players must add defensive structures around the base to fortify their safety.

Location Of Huge Dragon Egg In The Fisherman Village

The Obsidian Mountain has another key location around it called the Fisherman Village, a small village.

However, some fans have discovered a key secret that lies within the southwest part of the village.

Many fans are reporting that they found a rare Huge Dragon Egg in the Fisherman Village.

Specifically, players have a good chance to spawn this rare egg at the top of the pillar.

Huge dragon Egg in fisherman village
A Huge dragon Egg found in Fisherman Village.

Likewise, this egg can sometimes spawn between the pillars close to the teleport(eagle statue).

But fans must note that this is not a guaranteed spawn spot for the egg as some players didn’t get anything.

Finally, they can try their luck for the egg by heading to coordinates -480,  -745 on the map.

How To Hatch Huge Dragon Egg In Palworld?

Palworld offers a variety of eggs with various rarities to help players collect every Pal.

However, players must follow some essential steps to hatch these eggs in the game. They are:

  1. Players must reach level 7 in the game and unlock the Egg Incubator in Ancient Technology.
  2. They must defeat or capture a world boss to instantly unlock the Egg Incubator.
    hatch eggs palworld
    Players can hatch the Huge Dragon Egg by using the Egg Incubator.
  3. Once unlocked, players can place the Egg Incubator and put the egg inside.
  4. The incubation period of the egg depends upon the egg’s rarity in the game.
  5. Huge Dragon Eggs can take anywhere from 24 -50 hrs to hatch from the Incubator.
  6. Once the incubation period is over, players must press and hold the F key to hatch the egg.

But players must note that they must heat the Huge Dragon Egg by using Heaters or Pals during Incubation.

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