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Who Is The Best Kameo For Reiko?

The best Kameo for Reiko is someone who can complement his skillset. 

However, if you do not care much about the synergy between characters, you can choose any Kameo character that you prefer. 

Reiko is a playable character in MK1 that boasts some heavy-hitting skills and some traits of his assassin heritage. Furthermore, players can change Reiko’s appearance through various means in the game. 

Continue reading to learn more about Reiko and the best Kameo for him in Mortal Kombat 1.

Who Is Reiko In MK1? 

Reiko is one of the playable characters who wears full red armor with black pants in MK1.

Furthermore, players can even unlock various hairstyles for the character. 

Thus, players do not need to stick with the Vanilla version of the character throughout the game. 

Reiko possesses various skills in MK1 and features two different Fatalities.

Here is a list of fatalities for Reiko: 

  • The Impaler: Down, Down, Back, Back Punch
  • Fatality 2: Back, Forward, Back, Back Kick 

Like other characters, each fatality has its own unique animations, thus, players can switch between the fatalities freely. 

Players can unlock the second fatality for Reiko by simply increasing the fighter’s mastery.

However, certain characters have special conditions to unlock their second fatality. 

reiko mk1 character
Reiko is a playable character in MK1.
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What Is A Kameo In MK1? 

Kameo is a teammate who shows up between the fights to help you deal massive damage to the opponent in MK1. 

Furthermore, players must unlock various Kameo characters in MK1 to have them on their team. 

Players can unlock Kameo’s simply by leveling up their profile in the game.

There are a total of five Kameos that players can unlock in MK1. 

Thus, players must make sure to put an effort to level up their profiles to access every character within the game. 

Best Kameo For Reiko In MK1

Sonya is the best Kameo for Reiko and can perform some of the best disabling moves in MK1.

However, players consider Darrius one of the best Kameo for Reiko

Her RKO move basically allows players to knock the enemy unconscious for a few seconds. 

This can be a great way for Reiko to close the gap and then go for his heavy-hitting moves, leading to a possible fatality. 

Players can perform Sonya’s fatality using the following input: Back, Forward, Down, Kameo.

In the case of Darrius, he performs a combo of a grab that can lead to a disabling move.

As mentioned before, this allows Reiko to deal massive amounts of damage. 

Players can perform Darrius’s fatality using the following input: Down, Back, Forward, Kameo.

darrius best kameo for reiko mk1
Darrius is a Kameo character in MK1.

Thus, choosing either one will be beneficial for the players.

Furthermore, we cannot say this character is better than the other because every player has a different playstyle. 

However, we can say that certain Kameo characters outshine others because of the synergy between the characters. 

The Bottom Line

Kameo characters for each playable character can be a deciding factor in the play style.

However, players can simply use Kameo characters that they want to play. 

Hopefully, this article can guide you in choosing the best Kameo character for Reiko in Mortal Kombat 1.

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