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Trigger Salis Prime In Rogue Trader: Location And Quest

Salis Prime is known to be a quest in Rogue Trader which can be accessed after the completion of The Siege.

This all starts in Astray Companion quest where Argenta stares at the cultist and whispers, “Salis Prime.”

To Trigger the Salis Prime Quest in Rogue Trader, you need to talk to Sister Argenta on the void ship after the Siege quest and follow the instructions given by her.

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What Is Salis Prime In Rogue Trader?

The Salis Prime Quest unfolds as a captivating storyline within the Rogue Trader universe.

Moreover, you should complete the Astray Quest acquired in Act I, where you will be introduced to Sister Argenta, who is a companion.

astray companion quest
The location for Astra the companion quest in Rogue Trader.

In the storyline, Argenta stares at the cultist with her eyes wide open, and she whispers “Salis Prime.”

This is when the story for Salis Prime starts and you are introduced to it as an upcoming quest in your journey.

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Where To Find Salis Prime In Rogue Trader?

Argenta actively assigns the Salis Prime quest to you in the Voidship as you complete the Siege.

This quest is not included in any quest as it’s yet to be released in the game and will be available soon.

Therefore, the obstacles that will arise during this quest will only be revealed after it is released in the game.

Still, players are eager to know the way to reach the location of Salis Prime which is still unclear.

An image where you can see Sister Argenta praying in Rogue Trader.

Ways To Trigger Salis Prime Quest

Still, it’s unclear what the quest is about and what will be the included tasks in the Salis prime.

Hence, it’s an upcoming quest but will soon be available for players to experience an adventurous journey.

Follow these steps to trigger the Salis Prime quest in Rogue Trader.

1. Complete Astray Quest

To gain access to the Salis Prime quest you must complete the Astray quest to meet a companion named Sister Argenta.

She is the first person in the game to spoil Salis Prime and is the only one who can describe more about it.

2. Complete Siege Quest

After completing the Astray Quest, you must also complete The Siege Quest to gain access to the Voidship.

Argenta and the Voidship are the main components of triggering the Quest in Rogue Trader.

3. Go To Voidship

You should go along with the Siege quest, and in one part, you will reach the Voidship with Argenta, the companion.

The quest is supposed to start from the void ship as it will be assigned to you while on the ship.

4. Start Talking To Argenta

While you are in the void ship, Argenta automatically starts talking about her past and describes Salis Prime.

This is the moment when the Salis Prime quest in Rogue Trader should actively trigger for you.

The Bottom Line

By actively engaging with the game world and following the given steps, you can easily trigger the Quest in Rogue Trader.

Therefore, make sure to complete Astray and The Siege Quest to proceed further without any problems.

May you actively discover exciting adventures and fulfill your Rogue Trader destiny throughout your journey.

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