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Discover About Sharing The Faith WoW SoD

A sequence of tasks in the game’s expansion ‘Season of Mastery’ (SoD) is referred to as Sharing the Faith.

These missions are intended to teach players about Azeroth’s many religions and civilizations, and the game’s setting.

In World of Warcraft: SOD, Sharing the Faith is a quest that takes players through three unique zones: Thousand Needles, Zul’Aman, and Ghostlands, allowing them to explore the world of Azeroth.

This article discusses the season of mastery, ways to complete it, and rewards after completing it in WoW SoD.

What Is Sharing The Faith In WoW SoD?

The quests require conversing with representatives of many faiths, such as Elune priests, Loa spirits, and troll ancestor spirits.

Players must also execute tasks that indicate their grasp of various beliefs, like gathering Loa offerings or meditating on Elune’s teachings.

The ‘Sharing The Faith’ mission is an excellent resource for those interested in learning more about the mythology of World of Warcraft.

The mission allows players to roleplay as their characters and explore the world of Azeroth through the perspective of its many people.

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How To Complete Sharing the Faith In WoW?

The Sharing the Faith quest chain comprises interrelated missions in WoW.

Players can explore across three unique Azeroth zones: Thousand Needles, Zul’Aman, and Ghostlands.

Each zone offers distinct chances to meet with representatives of many religions and learn about their beliefs and practices.

1. Thousand Needles

Enter the Thousand Needles zone and complete the steps as:

  • Find the Priest of Elune: Look for the Priest of Elune and discuss to learn more about Elune, the goddess of the moon and night.
  • Share Meditations: Approach a kneeling individual and strike up a conversation. Share your thoughts and insights from your talk with the Priest of Elune.
season of mastery thousand
Explore through the dry canyon named Thousand Needles.

2. Zul’Aman

Likewise, in this location, players can share their meditative experience as:

  • Troll Elder Consultation: Travel to Zul’Aman and seek out a troll elder. Engage in a meaningful discussion to learn about the Zandalar tribe’s beliefs and practices.
  • Share Contemplative Experiences: Find a kneeling troll and strike up a conversation. Share your meditative experiences and insights on your encounter with the troll elder.

3. Ghostlands

Ghostland is another location where players can explore and talk with the priests.

  • Seek Forsaken Priest: Explore the Ghostlands zone to find a Forsaken priest. Engage in dialogue with the priest to better understand the Forsaken’s distinct viewpoint on faith and spirituality.
  • Share Your Thoughts: Approach a kneeling Forsaken and strike up a conversation. Share your thoughts and observations from your talk with the Forsaken priest.

Rewards After Completing Sharing The Faith In WoW SoD

Completing the Sharing the Faith quest chain in World of Warcraft: Season of Mastery (SoM) grants the following rewards:

1. Amulet of Faith

This amulet increases spell damage and healing by 2%, making it a vital addition to the inventory of spellcasters and healers.

The amulet’s design includes a stylized picture of a crescent moon, which represents Elune, the goddess of the moon and night.

2. Reputation With Priests Of Elune, Zandalar Tribe, And Shadowprey Tribe

Completing the task chain improves players’ reputations with the Priests of Elune, Zandalar Tribe, and Shadowprey Tribe.

This reputation increase can lead to further perks such as access to unique missions, vendors, and awards. 

In addition to these monetary benefits, finishing the quest chain offers players a better grasp of Azeroth’s lore and civilizations.

sharing the faith in WoW SOD
Community discussion on Reddit about the Sharing the Faith.

Players get insights into the ideas, practices, and viewpoints that create the world around them by engaging with representatives of many faiths.

Further, this newfound information can help them enjoy the game’s detailed storyline even more.

The Sharing the Faith quest chain exemplifies the value of cross-cultural understanding and open-mindedness.

The Bottom Line

Sharing the Faith is a transformational journey in WoW that rewards players with tangible gifts and encourages players.

It is an invitation to engage in a journey of cultural enrichment and developing a more understanding world.

Therefore, it invites players to move outside their comfort zones and engage with diverse points of view.

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