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Ingredient For Making See Through Potion In Bloxburg

The See Through Potion is an item that players need to make in the 6th-day quest of the Halloween Event in Bloxburg. 

This quest is handed out by Sabrina The Witch at the Plenty O’ Pumpkins and Orchard after players have completed previous quests. 

In Bloxburg, to make the See Through potion, use “Glasses” as the secret ingredient in the Cauldron and talk to Sabrina for quest completion.

This questline focuses mainly on brewing a potion with a specific ingredient that allows the player to go invisible.

However, players seem to have a hard time figuring out this specific ingredient.

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Completing The See-Through Potion Quest

The See Through Potion quest is part of the Halloween event in Bloxburg which is currently active.

This quest requires completing five previous quests and a specific item to brew the See Through Potion.

First, players must talk to Sabrina on the 6th day of the event. Then, she reveals the hint for the quest.

The hint emphasizes the word SEE THROUGH, meaning that players need to find glasses for this quest.

Players can access the glasses(if they have them) by accessing their backpacks and searching in the props section.

Glasses For See Through Potion
Glasses For See Through Potion.

Then, they need to put the glasses into the cauldron that is behind Sabrina’s Stall.

Putting this item into the cauldron will result in a yellowish glowing potion that the players can pick.

After acquiring this potion, go back to Sabrina’s stall and talk with her in order to complete the quest.

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How To Complete The Previous 5 Quests?

Leaving the See Through potion quests aside, there are 5 other quests that are part of the Halloween Event.

As a player, you must complete these quests first in order to complete the 6th quest.

In this quest, players will see Sabrina’s popcorn cotton candy stall.

Sabrina The Witch
Sabrina The Witch in bloxburg.

Here is a guide on how players can complete these quests given by Sabrina(all quests are given out by Sabrina at her Stall):

The Potion Recipe Book

  • Visit the Barn which is next to the pumpkin fields at Plenty O’ Pumpkins and Orchard.
  • Climb on the haystacks near the barn’s entrance and jump on the barn door to reach the top floor.
  • Parkour through the wooden beams to reach across the other side.
  • Pick up the book which is placed on the haystacks on the left side.

Making Potion Of Haunting

  • Pick up the balloon that can be found right next to Sabrina’s stall.
  • Go around her stall and put the balloon into the cauldron.
  • Pick the potion and talk to Sabrina for the second part of the quest.
  • Go to your backpack and pick a loud item (Leaf blower, guitar etc).
  • Put the loud item into the cauldron and take tha potion back to Sabrina.

Deciphering Book

  • Visit the City Hall that is present at Plenty O’ Pumpkins and Orchard.
  • Stay on the ground floor and make a left turn as soon as you enter the Hall.
  • Search all the shelves until you see a glowing book in one of them.
  • Pick up the book and take it back to Sabrina.

Making A Bright Potion

  • Talk to Sabrina to get info about the bright potion.
  • Go to your backpack and pick a prop that is a source of light(flashlight, lantern etc).
  • Drop the light source into the Cauldron to get the bright potion.
  • Take the potion back to Sabrina to finish this quest.

The Fisherman Quest

  • Talk to Sabrina to find out where you can find the Fisherman.
  • After the conversation, go to the Ferris Wheel and look for the small blue hut.
  • The Fisherman is present in this hut presenting you with a glowing paper.
  • Take this paper and go back to Sabrina and talk with her.

The Bottom Line

Making the See Through potion is a fairly easy quest that can only take a minute if you have glasses with you.

This is one of the many quests of the Halloween Event which holds the secret to The Haunted Mansion.

This is the latest quest as of now(Oct 11) for the Halloween Quest which has been active for 6 days.

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