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How To Decide Imogene Fate In Starfield?

Imogene Salzo is a non-player character (NPC) in the video game Starfield.

Moreover, she is a part of the side quest mission known as Guilty Parties.

Guilty Parties is a quest where players decide the fate of Imogene Salzo in Starfield with their actions. Hence, the fate of Imogene in Starfield is in the players’ hands.

This article gives information on Imogene Salzo, including Imogene fate in Starfield.

Who Is Imogene In Starfield?

Imogene Salzo is an NPC in Starfield. Moreover, she represents the robotics and cybernetics-focused Ryujin Industries group.

She is at the Ryujin Industries headquarters on Neon, a planet renowned for its entertainment and nightlife.

Additionally, she takes part in the side quest Guilty Parties, where the player must decide whether to assist Masako Ularu or another NPC.

Imogene can join the player’s side as an ally or foe, depending on their decision.

Additionally, she wears a special outfit that players may obtain by killing her.

  • She moved to Neon to further her career despite being initially from Terra.
  • She is a young single mother of a son.
  • She has access to various sensitive data and is a talented hacker.
  • She has high aspirations and wants to advance in Ryujin Industries.
  • She is vicious and would stop at nothing to get what she wants.

Therefore, Imogene Salzo is one of the many NPCs that add depth and diversity to the Starfield universe.

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Imogene Fate In Starfield

The fate of Imogene Salzo in Starfield depends on the choices you make in the side quest Guilty Parties.

This quest is part of the Ryujin Industries faction storyline. There are many possible outcomes in this mission.

If you trust Imogene and deliver the data to Dalton, you will learn that she is not the mole, but Ularu is.

In the faction’s final quest, you can support Imogene or Ularu.

While siding with Ularu will result in Masako’s murder and Ularu’s escape, siding with Imogene will enable you to expose Ularu and save Masako.

Furthermore, Imogene will stop being your ally, and you’ll miss out on some knowledge and incentives if you attack and try to kill her.

Imogene Salzo Starfield
Whether or not to kill Imogene is for players to decide.

To leave the Seokguh Syndicate Hideout, you must engage in combat. By giving Dalton the information, you can still finish the quest.

However, until the last objective, you won’t know who the genuine mole is.

Also, if you kill Imogene once you give information to Dalton, you can loot her special suit. This suit has some unique features and bonuses.

However, you’ll also lose her as an ally, and the last assignment will have consequences.

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The Moral Dilemma Of The Guilty Parties Quest

The Guilty Parties quest in Starfield is a quest that poses a moral dilemma to the player.

The quest involves finding and confronting Imogene Salzo, a suspected mole within Ryujin Industries.

The player must choose between siding with Masako Ularu, another Ryujin employee with competing interests, or Imogene.

Depending on the player’s decision, the mission and the faction plot will take a different turn.

The following elements form the basis of the quest’s moral dilemma:

1. Imogene And Ularu’s Dependability

Ularu accuses Imogene of being a mole despite asserting that she is not.

Imogene accuses Ularu of being a traitor despite asserting her loyalty to Ryujin.

The player must choose whether to trust and whom to betray.

The Price Tag Attached To The Data Imogene Took

The data includes details on a top-secret effort to develop a warp drive, a device that might fundamentally alter space travel.

It might be utilized for good or bad, depending on who receives the data.

Whether to give the information to Dalton, a Ryujin agent, or keep it for oneself or another person is up to the player.

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The Bottom Line

An NPC character, Imogene Salzo, can be your ally or antagonist in Starfield, depending on your decisions.

The Guilty Party’s quest decides her fate, which entails locating a mole inside Ryujin Industries.

You can support Masako Ularu, a rival Ryujin employee with competing interests, or Imogene.

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