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How To Convince Shadowheart Not To Defeat Nightsong In BG3?

Baldur’s Gate 3 is a big RPG game with many tough choices and fights.

One of the big choices is whether you can make Shadowheart, a character who really follows Shar, decide not to hurt Nightsong.

You can convince Shadowheart not to kill Nightsong by communicating with her about the possible benefits of keeping Nightsong alive and reminding her of her moral grounds. Also, you can provide evidence about Nightsong and her potential values.

This guide will help you know how to talk to Shadowheart so she doesn’t hurt Nightsong. 

Why Does Shadowheart Defeat Nightsong In BG3?

In Baldur’s Gate 3, Shadowheart chooses to kill Nightsong due to her strong allegiance to Shar, the deity she serves.

Nightsong is revealed to be a celestial being, a daughter of the moon goddess Selûne named Dame Aylin.

However, Shadowheart’s loyalty to Shar, the goddess of darkness, drives her to see Nightsong as a threat or an enemy.

This conflict arises because Nightsong’s existence contradicts Shar’s teachings and beliefs.

Shadowheart believes that by eliminating Nightsong, she follows Shar’s will and maintains her commitment to her deity’s principles.

Baldurs Gate 3 shar.
The statue of Shar in Baldur’s Gate 3

Why Should You Save Nightsong?

There are many reasons Nightsong will be beneficial for you in your game. Here are some benefits of keeping Nightsong alive:

  • Nightsong possesses significant celestial powers and can be valuable in battles against stronger adversaries.
  • The defeating of Nightsong goes against the compassionate aspect of Shadowheart’s character, creating an internal conflict between her devotion to Shar and her morality.
  • If Shadowheart was in a romantic relationship with the player character, killing Nightsong could strain that relationship due to the morally questionable decision and the potential for disagreement over the action.
nightsong bg3
Nightsong in Baldur’s Gate 3.

How To Convince Shadowheart Not To Defeat Nightsong?

Here is how you can convince Shadowheart not to defeat Nightsong:

1. Talk It Out

Have a conversation with Shadowheart and choose words that explain why letting Nightsong live could be really useful.

Mention how Nightsong’s special abilities could help out in tough battles and provide knowledge that’s good for the group’s mission.

Baldur's Gate 3 Shadowheart
Convince Shadowheart not to kill Nightsong by following different strategies.

2. Raise Questions

Bring up doubts about what Shar wants and say that keeping Nightsong alive doesn’t mean going against Shar.

Say that letting Nightsong stay around might help the team learn more about Shar’s plans.

3. Team Up

Remind Shadowheart that having friends for the upcoming fights is super important.

Say that keeping Nightsong alive means having a strong ally who can make the group stronger.

4. Do Good

Tell Shadowheart that sparing Nightsong’s life is a kind and caring thing to do.

Explain that it’s not against her Shar beliefs to show mercy to someone who hasn’t done anything wrong.

5. Find Middle Ground

Suggest that keeping Nightsong alive could be a way to make both Shar’s ideas and Nightsong’s special nature work together.

Maybe they can learn from each other.

6. Guess What Happens

Tell Shadowheart what might happen if Nightsong is killed. Warn about possible group fights or trouble from Selûne’s followers.

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Alternatives To Convince Shadowheart 

Follow some of these alternative ways if just communicating isn’t working for you.

1. Gather Evidence

Instead of directly talking to Shadowheart, you could collect information about Nightsong’s potential value.

Presenting concrete evidence of Nightsong’s abilities, knowledge, or potential contributions might sway Shadowheart’s opinion.

2. Involve Other Characters

Enlist the help of other party members to influence Shadowheart whom she respects or trusts, they might have a persuasive impact on her decision.

3. Seek Divine Guidance

Depending on the game’s mechanics, characters might have access to divine guidance or communication with higher powers.

Encourage Shadowheart to seek insight from Shar or another relevant deity to gain perspective on sparing Nightsong.

4. Present Sacrifice Options

Propose alternatives that could satisfy both Shadowheart’s loyalty to Shar and the preservation of Nightsong.

This might involve suggesting other forms of penance or actions to maintain her devotion while sparing Nightsong’s life.

Remember, the effectiveness of these approaches can vary depending on the game’s mechanics, your character’s abilities, and the choices you’ve made throughout the story.

Experiment with different strategies to find the one that works best for your playthrough.

The Bottom Line

Convincing Shadowheart not to kill Nightsong can be tough for players, but you can complete the task easily with proper tactics and strategies.

You can convince Shadowheart not to kill Nightsong by communicating with her about the possible benefits of keeping Nightsong alive and reminding her of her moral grounds.

Enjoy the adventure, Happy gaming!

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