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Find The Old Bunker Extract In Shoreline Expansion

Escape from Tarkov introduces a shoreline expansion, so finding the extraction point is a bit challenging.

Hence, players are curious about how to find the Old Bunker extract in the Shoreline map of Escape from Tarkov.

Old Bunker extract is one of the shoreline map’s extraction points, which is a little tricky to find. You must reach the Old Bunker after completing missions and collecting loot for extraction.

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Extraction Points In Shoreline Map Of Tarkov

In Escape from Tarkov, Shoreline is a location that was recently added to the game as a fourth map.

Furthermore, there are multiple extraction points in Shoreline of Escape from Tarkov.

Extraction points are vital location in Tarkov that helps you escape an area after collecting loot.

For every mission you undergo in Tarkov, you must find an extraction point to secure your findings and track progress.

Additionally, in the shoreline map of Tarkov, you can find various extraction points that are as follows:

  • Admin Basement
  • Climber’s Trail
  • East Wing Gym Entrance
  • Lighthouse
  • Old Bunker
  • Path to Lighthouse
  • Pier Boat
  • Railway Bridge
  • Road to Customs
  • Road to North V-Ex
  • Ruined Road
  • Smuggler’s Path
  • Tunnel
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How To Find The Old Bunker In Shoreline Map?

Among these extraction points, finding the Old Bunker is catching the attention of many players.

Furthermore, the Old Bunker extraction point is hidden in the Shoreline, so players struggle to find it.

To locate the Old Bunker extraction point in Tarkov Shoreline, you must scan the foggy area.

  1. First, look around the area you spawn for a big circular rock atop a cliff.
location of old bunker
You can follow the path right side of the wire lines.
  1. Next, follow the wire lines in the rocky area that is along the circular rock.
  2. Hence, it will take you to the foggy area which is surrounded by trees.
Old bunker Shoreline
Old Bunker is one of the extraction points in Shoreline that you must find to escape from the area.

Once you spot areas with huge rocks alongside the trees, you must start ascending the rocks.

Hence, you will find the Old Bunker extraction point between two huge rocks covered with trees.

What Can You Find In The Shoreline Expansion?

Escape from Tarkov transforms the gameplay by introducing a significant expansion of the Shoreline.

Furthermore, you must navigate the map by marking key locations like vans and predicting the spawn locations.

1. Update In Armours

The Shoreline expansion also updates the armor making it break faster with more damage.

There is an update in the recalibration of armors where there is more plate durability and more damage rate.

For instance, if you use the M856A1 ammunition, you can find that the bullets take fewer shots to defeat enemies.

Additionally, the armors now take less time to eliminate enemies than the time before the expansion.

2. Exciting Loots And Technical Items

The new shoreline expansion has exciting loots waiting for the players to collect in Tarkov.

Hence, you will get the chance to obtain the valuable Red Rebel ice pick with the Shoreline expansion.

loots and items in shoreline expansion
You can find early in-game items, technical items, food spawns, etc., useful for completing quests in Shoreline expansion.

In addition, the shoreline expansion also has tons of early-game items and technical items.

The technical items are very expensive and valuable as they help you to complete quests, and missions and upgrade your hideout.

You can find items like ratchet wrenches, fuel tanks, de-fuel, tape, GPU spawns, etc in this expansion.

Besides, you can also find food spawns which can give you food for crafting or quests in Shoreline.

3. Increase In Profit For Farming

One of the best features of this expansion is there is an increase in profit for farming Shoreline.

Hence, many players are excited and happy about farming Shoreline to obtain exciting rewards.

The Bottom Line

With the new updates and enhanced features Shoreline is becoming the favorite map for players.

Besides, the expansion of this map is introducing players with various loots, new places, and strategies.

So, collecting all the loot and getting to the extraction points is necessary to secure the findings from the Shoreline.

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