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What Is Knocked Down Intellitron In HSR?

In HSR, a knocked-down Intellitron highlights occasional vulnerability among Honkai Star Rail’s robotic creatures.

In the expansive universe of HSR, Intellitrons emerge as intriguing inorganic entities from the ancient Machine Empire of Rubert I.

Additionally, driven by a quest for understanding organic culture, they navigate cosmic hubs under programmed directives.

Originating from Genius Society 27 within Rubert’s dominion, they’re hailed as formidable warriors with boundless potential.

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Intellitron And Its Types In HSR

Intellitrons, in Honkai: Star Rail, are intelligent inorganic lifeforms from the former Machine Empire of Rubert I.

They explore cosmic hubs for a deeper understanding of organic culture, directed by programming.

They originated from Genius Society 27 Rubert’s empire, considered strong warriors due to their technological prowess and potential.

Moreover, their ability to enter Dreamscapes of Penacony suggests a connection to the soul present in other lifeforms.

In HSR, Intellitrons serve as a bridge between realms, enriching the narrative with unique perspectives and insights.

There are two distinct types of Intellitrons they are known Pearl and Screwllum.

1. Screwllum

Screwllum, also known as Mechanical Aristocrat Screwllum I, is Genius Society member 76, ruling Planet Screwllum.

It led a resistance against Rubert I, aiming for peace between mechanical and organic lifeforms.

However, Herta admires his exceptional hacking skills and speculates it.

knocked down intellitron hsr
The first official look of Screwllum in HSR.

2. Pearl

Pearl, mentioned in Adventure Mission Gold and Gears: Experimental Teaching, holds rank P45 and collaborates with the Simulated Universe.

Herta speculates Pearl’s potential as an Intellitron, showing interest in researching the Mechanical Emperor’s Wars.

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Species Knocked Down Apart from Intellitron In HSR

While Intellitrons pose tough challenges, Honkai Star Rail presents various foes beyond the robotic creature.

Here’s a glimpse into some other formidable foes and strategies to overcome them:

1. Borisin

These reptilian brutes exhibit remarkable resilience against physical assaults, requiring alternative strategies for combat effectiveness.

To overcome them, leverage elemental forces, especially fire and lightning, to help in neutralizing their defenses when knocked down.

Combatants with expertise in elemental manipulation, like Seele Vollerei or Kafka, demonstrate proficiency against such enemies.

Moreover, Valkyries such as Rita Rossweisse can circumvent their defenses by inflicting sustained damage strategically.

2. Cobrakind

knocked down intellitron hsr
All alien species in HSR

These venomous serpents pose a significant threat with their high poison damage.

Prioritizing characters with poison resistance, like Liv Luminance, is essential.

Utilizing Valkyries such as Mobius to inflict debuffs and hinder their attacks can turn the tide of battle in your favor.

3. Coleoptera

These insectoid foes are known for shielding themselves and dealing widespread physical damage.

Focus on breaking their shields using Valkyries like Fu Hua or Griseo.

Once their defenses are weakened, they unleash powerful characters like Chrome Executor or Welt Joyce to deal blows.

After using all this guarding method Coleoptera will be knocked down.

4. Foxian

These cunning canines employ mixed physical and psychic damage, making them challenging opponents.

Utilize Valkyries like Hua or Seele to counter their psychic attacks effectively.

Characters such as Herta or Kafka excel in dispelling any buffs they may employ, providing a strategic advantage in battle.

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