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Sophisticated Sculpting Quest Guide In Destiny 2

Destiny 2 recently launched the Festival Of The Lost 2023 event, introducing several new quests, including Sophisticated Sculpting.

Further, Haunted Sectors for the Halloween Event is back like the previous.

Destiny 2 introduced Legendary Haunted Lost Sectors this year, which are significantly harder to complete than normal. Completing all 4 Haunted Sectors in Legendary mode will mark the completion of the Sophisticated Sculpting Quest.

Continue reading this article to learn more about this quest.

Introduction To Sophisticated Sculpting Quest

There are two Haunted Sectors in Destiny 2: The Normal one and the Legendary one.

The main difference between these 2 Sectors is the spike in difficulty level when going for the Legendary Haunted Sector.

If you select the Normal Haunted Sector, players can be randomly loaded into any four worlds of the Haunted Sector.

New halloween Quests In Destiny 2
New Halloween Quests in Destiny 2.

However, players can only be teleported to one world when choosing the Legendary Haunted Sector.

Note that the order of 4 worlds keeps on changing throughout the day.

Players must complete all four sectors in legendary difficulty to complete the Sophisticated Sculpting Quest.

As aforementioned, the order of each world keeps on changing. Therefore players need to wait for another sector to be featured.

Finally, this quest will be completed after all these sectors are cleared.

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Best Tips For Clearing The Haunted Sectors In Destiny 2

Be it normal Haunted Sector or Legendary, the core objective remains the same: To Slay The Enemies.

In fact, almost all the enemies in both modes are the same. The only difference is the inclusion of Champions in Legendary difficulty.

Also, there is a spike in difficulty level from 1600 light to 1830 light.

Therefore be aware of the following points if you want to complete this quest.

Objective Of Sophisticated Sculpting

The goal of this quest is for players to clear all the incoming waves within a time limit of 3 minutes.

The legendary mode has several types of enemies like The Headless One and The Champions.

These are the game’s main bosses that deal the most damage.

Therefore, forming a party with their friends is suggested to defeat these bosses as this is a quest with legendary difficulty.

Defeat Headless One And The Champion

The Headless One is the most important boss in this quest because slaying them will drop rare candies.

These candies can help players craft engrams, which can be exchanged for legendary gears.

The amount of The Headless Ones that the players defeat in this mode will determine the weight of the loot that they will get.

The Headless One In Destiny 2
The Headless One in Destiny 2.

Also, The Headless One deals more damage than the Champions in this quest. Therefore, taking them out first is the way to go.

On the other hand, the Champions are unique bosses that can use many abilities to attack players.

But although the Champions can be quite tricky to defeat, they deal less damage to players.

And the order of the Champion that spawns in the sector also changes every hour randomly.

Hence, some champions might be harder to defeat than others.

Stay Inside The Green Circle

Throughout this quest, a green circle randomly spawns in the area.

This circle is quite easy to find as its decoration of green pumpkins and candles stands out.

Staying inside this circle will stop the quest timer, which can help players save some time.

However, it does not protect you from damage at all.

Therefore, balancing between when to stay inside the circle and when to evade will result in the best outcome.

Rewards For Completing Sophisticated Sculpting

There are four specific weapons that the game has introduced in Festival Of The Lost 2023.

In order to acquire these rewards, there are certain steps that a player must follow.

First, players must collect as many Candies and Eerie Engrams as possible.

Rewards For Completing Sophisticated Sculpting
Rewards for completing Sophisticated Sculpting.

These rewards can be collected from the Legendary Haunted Sector Quests.

Then, these Eerie Engrams and Candies can be crafted into Exotic Engams.

Finally, these Exotic Engrams can be used to acquire any of the following new weapons:

  • Horror Story
  • Mechabre
  • Jurassic Green
  • Acosmic

The Bottom Line

The new Festival Of The Lost 2023 event in Destiny 2 has revived their gaming fans once again by providing various quest activities.

At the core, the aim of every player is to get the new weapons and armor that have been introduced in the event.

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