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Hungry Mermaids In Skull And Bones: Hide Nutmeg

Hungry Mermaids Contract: Skull and Bones is the main quest that begins in ‘The Necropolis’.

Moreover, the DMC’s raid has left smugglers on low supplies in the Naga Coast along the East Indies.

The game’s main protagonist, Sam, must return stolen commodities to the smugglers. 

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Hungry Mermaids In Skull And Bones: The Restitution

‘Economic Espionage’, the mission before Hungry Mermaids where Sam has to Sink DMC merchants to disrupt Dutch trade routes for Rempah Vendor.

Hungry Mermaids: The Restitution starts in The Outpost of the Necropolis after the smugglers have been looted by the DMC.

In a cutscene, while accepting the contract the vendor of Overseas Smugglers asks Sam to bring back anything of value.

Overseas Smuggler Vendor
Overseas Smuggler Vendor of The Necropolis.

Moreover, the rest of everything will be handled by them.

The objective of the quest is to bring back stolen commodities and stash them in the smuggler’s secret cache.

Additionally, there will also be a smuggler’s clue which will point to the location of the dead drop.

Therefore, Sam has to acquire 20 Nutmegs following the clue.

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Hungry Mermaids In Skull And Bones: How To Complete Mission?

Follow the steps below to complete the ‘Hungry Mermaids’ contract: The Restitution;

1. Navigation To The Necropolis

You must open the map interface, carefully studying the terrain and navigational markers.

Then, proceed to set a carefully charted course for The Necropolis on the Naga Coast along the East Indies, decisively marking the starting point of your journey.

2. Locating The Overseas Smuggler

Upon arrival at The Necropolis, you must scout the area along the shoreline.

Subsequently, look for the Overseas Smuggler positioned conveniently on the right side (Southeast).

3. Initiating Dialogue With The Overseas Smuggler

You must converse with the Overseas Smuggler by interacting with them using the designated key, typically “Y” on PC.

Consequently, you should accept any available contracts the vendor offers, particularly those from “Hungry Mermaids”.

4. Journey To Oosten Capital

After concluding business with the Overseas Smuggler, consult your map once more.

Oosten Capital skull and bones
Oosten Capital is in the North-West of the Ring of Fire.

Then, chart a course to Oosten Capital, which will be North of The Necropolis.

5. Buying Nutmeg

You will need to buy 20 nutmeg from the vendor in Oosten Capital, ensuring you have enough for your journey ahead.

Further, You might only find 10 at first, but it restocks every 60 minutes like clockwork.

You should return to your map interface and set coordinates for the Lost City of Prei.

6. Read The Treasure Map

Upon arrival at the Lost City of Prei, look into the treasure map within your possession to unveil the precise location for hiding the nutmeg.

Consequently, this will guide your quest further, ensuring successful completion.

7. Entering The Lost City Of Prei

You will then need to proceed through the ancient gates of the Lost City.

Then, Explore its depths as you navigate toward the designated hiding spot with meticulous attention and unwavering determination.

8. Hiding The Nutmeg

You should Press the designated key, typically “Y”, on your PC’s keyboard to hide the nutmeg in the spot indicated by the treasure map.

This ensures precise placement and adherence to the quest’s instructions.

Hungry Mermaids: Next Mission And Rewards In Skull And Bones

After the delivery of the 20 Nutmegs collected in ‘The Lost City of Prei‘, the mission will be concluded.

Upon completing the mission ‘Hungry Mermaids: The Restitution’, Sam will be rewarded with a set of clothing and 1500 silver coins.

To complete ‘The Marquis’ which is the next mission after ‘Hungry Mermaids’, you will need to travel South-East to ‘The Forgotten Candi’.

The forgotten Candi Img
The forgotten Candi, Far South East of the map.

‘The Marquis’ is the infamous bounty hunter who has tortured the commoners and from where “Escape is impossible and quarter unthinkable”.

Moreover, you must eliminate ‘The Marquis’ and end their reign of terror for which the rewards are hefty.

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