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Ways To Get Helzephyr Saddle In Palworld

In Palworld, Helzephyr is a medium-sized bird-like Pal sharing similarities with Ragnahawk and Beakon.

Helzephyr Saddle is the gear of the pal that contributes to unlocking Helzephyr’s Wings of Death Partner Skill.

Further, to craft the Helzephyr Saddle, you’ll first need to unlock the Technology by catching a Helzephyr.

After reaching the required level and using enough technology points, you can craft it at a Pal Gear Workbench.

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What Is Helzephyr Saddle In Palworld?

The Helzephyr Saddle is a specific piece of Pal Gear designed for your aerial companion, Helzephyr.

Further, Pal Gear plays a vital role in enhancing the abilities and skills of your Pals, making them formidable allies.

Helzypher in Palworld
An image of Helzypher Pal in Palworld who owns the Helzypher Saddle.

Similarly, this Pal’s face is a darker light blue with a bright purple flame emitting from the top of its head.

To craft the Helzephyr Saddle, you need to capture this pal first to move on to the further process.

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Where To Find Helzephyr In Palworld?

Focus on the area directly west of Hypocrite Hill for optimal chances of encountering the Helzephyr.

It’s important to note that Helzephyrs are nocturnal creatures, meaning you can only capture this Pal at night.

Likewise, to initiate the capture, it is advisable to use ranged attacks, shooting at the Helzephyr to entice it to descend.

Further, to maximize the chances of success, you can use Mega Spheres or superior capturing tools to capture it.

Helzypher Location
These are the spawn locations of the Helzypher in the Palworld.

How To Get Helzephyr Saddle?

To craft the Helzephyr Saddle, you’ll need specific resources and materials according to the list.

Hence, consider your surroundings and collect these materials as you explore the game world.

In addition, ensure to utilize information online for locations and ways to find the materials efficiently.

Follow these steps to obtain Helzephyr Saddle in Palworld.

1. Capture Helzephyr

Lead towards the spawn locations of Helzephyr and capture him using your strongest capturing gear.

It’s difficult to capture Helzephyr as the Pal is stronger than others and has an aerial attacking ability.

2. Reach Level 33

To unlock the Helzephyr Saddle, you must reach level 33 tier of technology to move on smoothly.

 Therefore, you should grind and work your way up to level 33 in the game.

3. Collect Materials

Unlocking this item requires certain materials to be used at the workbench to craft it.

Hence, collect these items accordingly and make sure to collect enough of them

Moreover, the required Materials for Helzphyr Saddle are:

  • Electric Organ x 20
  • Leather x 30
  • Paldium Fragment x 30
  • Cloth x 10
  • Refined Ingot x 30

4. Unlock Pal Gear Workbench

You can unlock the Pal gear workbench at the technology tab of your inventory.

Further, after you have collected all the materials and reached level 33, you can craft the Saddle at the Workbench.

5. Craft Helzypher Saddle

Now you are completely prepared to craft the Helzypher Saddle by choosing the option at Workbench.

Additionally, make sure to take assistance from your pals as it will decrease the crafting time of the item.

How To Unlock Helzephyr’s Wings Of Death?

Helzephyr’s Wings of Death is a key item in the game that remains in your inventory throughout your playthrough.

Crafting Helzephyr Saddle unlocks Helzephyr’s Wings of Death Partner Skill and gives you access to the wings.

Similarly, this item can be ridden as a flying mount and applies Dark damage to the player’s attacks while mounted.

Therefore, it’s a very useful item to get in the vast world and makes a lot easier to explore through the universe of Palworld.

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