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Secret Word In Star Ocean Second Story R

Many players are confused about the secret word in Star Ocean Second Story R.

However, some guessed on their first try with a little hint available. 

The Secret Word in Star Ocean’s Second Story R is Death, which is required to enter the Eluria Tower, a hidden location in the game.

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Secret Word In Star Ocean Second Story R

Players first need to travel to the tower of Lacuer to get to the Eluria Tower.

From there, you must head to the north exit of town and follow the road until you reach a fork in the road.

Continue walking after taking the left fork until you reach a large, circular structure.

Then, you will reach the Eluria Tower, which requires entering the secret word or a password.

The secret word is considered to be Death; enter the password and enter the tower.

enter the secret word
Enter the secret word to gain access to the Eluria Tower.

After entering the tower, you will find several powerful items and enemies, so prepare yourself.

Furthermore, in the original Japanese version, the secret word was APOCA, an abbreviation for Apocalypse. 

However, APOCA may have been difficult to translate into a different language, so they changed it.

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How To Find Secret Word?

Follow these steps to learn the secret password for the Eluria Tower in Star Ocean: The Second Story R:

  1. Firstly, you must explore the Forest of Symbols, which is accessible during both Claude and Rena’s storyline.
  2. The Ten Wise Men will ambush Claude’s party in the Forest of Symbols.
  3. After defeating them, you can interact with a Mysterious Voice who reveals the Secret password, Death, before disappearing.
  4. However, Rena’s party will encounter a group of soldiers from the Kingdom of Paylom in the Forest of Symbols.
  5. After a brief conversation, the soldiers will reveal a glowing orb and leave.
  6. When Rena interacts with the orb, she hears a voice whispering the secret password, Death.
  7. Then, travel to a town called Lacquer, located in the world map’s northern part.
  8. Head to the north exit of Lacuer and follow the road; afterwards, you will notice a large, circular structure.
  9. Enter the secret password to gain access to the tower called Eluria Tower.
  10. Therefore, the password is case-sensitive, so you can enter it as either Death or DEATH.

The Bottom Line

The Eluria Tower is a hidden location only to access by entering the correct password.

Furthermore, the developers may have felt the password was too easy to guess, so they changed it.

Ultimately, the reason why the secret word changed from APOCA to DEATH is still unknown.

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