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Star Ocean Second Story R Max Level: How To Level Up?

In Star Ocean: The Second Story R,  there are several levels requiring special skills and abilities for players to level up.

Leveling up in the game is relatively straightforward, but deciding what to level can be more complex.

One of the challenges in Star Ocean: The Second Story R is reaching the maximum character level of 255. However, you don’t need to reach that level to complete the main game, as level ~90 is enough for most of the challenges. 

This article explains some tips on how to level up efficiently and reach the maximum level in Star Ocean: The Second Story R.

How To Reach The Max Level In Star Ocean: The Second Story R?

There are mainly two ways to level up faster and reach the maximum level in Star Ocean.

One is to utilize the skills and specialties, and another is to farm experience cards from enemies.

1. Use Skills And Specialties

One of the easiest ways to level up fast in Star Ocean The Second Story R is to use skills and specialties that increase your experience gain.

Several specialties and skills exist in the game that help to level up the game, and some of them are as follows:

1. Music

By playing instruments like the Harp, obtained from shops or through Art specialty, you can boost your stats, including experience.

max level star ocean second story r
You can increase your stats by learning the music.

Equip an instrument and press R2 in the field or during battles.

2. Alchemy

Create items that enhance attributes, such as the Experience Card, offering a 100% experience bonus for one battle.

Craft it using a Philosopher’s Stone, Magical Film, and Magical Clay.

3. Survival

Gain extra experience by surviving harsh environments, with the Cave of Trials providing a 20% bonus.

Activate Survival by pressing R1 in the field, and unlock the Cave of Trials after completing the main game and loading your unmistakable data.

By using these skills and specialties, you can significantly increase your experience gain and level up faster.

2. Farm Enemies And Increase Experience Points

Furthermore, to level up rapidly and reach the maximum, you should consider farming Experience Cards from specific foes.

max level star ocean second story max
By farming experience cards, you can increase your leveling-up process.

Moreover, you can get rare items from certain enemies or acquire them through the Pickpocket skill.

Also, you can utilize Experience Cards in the menu to increase your level, with the amount varying based on your current level.

Notable enemies to farm Experience Cards from are:

1. Wise Men

These formidable adversaries appear in Sphere 211, the game’s final dungeon.

They can drop Experience Cards or be pickpocketed for them.

Given their difficulty, preparation and powerful attacks and items are essential.

2. Metal Scumbags

Players can encounter weaker foes in the Cave of Trials, an optional dungeon.

They are susceptible to pickpocketing for Experience Cards.

Further, players can swiftly eliminate them using the Killer Move Extinction, typically in a single strike.

By collecting Experience Cards from these foes, you can expedite your leveling process.

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Advantages Of Reaching The Max Level 

Attaining the maximum level in Star Ocean: The Second Story R isn’t obligatory for completing the game.

However, it can significantly enhance the gameplay experience.

Also, characters at their maximum level gain access to their most potent skills and abilities.

Thus, they might become formidable against challenging adversaries.

There are several advantages to reaching the maximum level in Star Ocean: The Second Story R, such as:

  • Enhanced stats: Characters attain the highest attainable stats, substantially boosting their power.
  • Unlocking new skills and abilities: Certain skills and abilities are exclusively accessible to characters at the maximum level.
  • Enhanced resilience against formidable foes: Max-level characters can withstand and defeat even the most daunting bosses.

However, reaching the maximum level is very difficult and time-consuming.

Hence, it’s advisable to prioritize other facets of the game, such as undertaking side quests or getting skills and specialties.

The Bottom Line

Reaching the max level in Star Ocean, The Second Story R is not necessary to complete the main game.

However, it can be a fun and rewarding goal for hardcore fans of the game.

So, by using the tips and tricks mentioned above, you can level up fast and efficiently in Star Ocean: The Second Story R.

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