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New Atlantis Glitch In Starfield: Rewards and Process

Many players are currently encountering a glitch in the New Atlantis in Starfield.

Like other games, players can use the glitches to earn themself abilities, skills, credits or items.

Players who use the New Atlantis glitch in Starfield can obtain multiple chests with higher credits and items. It is found in the Commercial district where multiple vendors exist. 

Continue reading to discover the glitch in New Atlantis and the rewards players can earn if they abrogate them. 

New Atlantis Glitch In Starfield

New Atlantis is the capital city of the United Colonies, one of the most potent factions in the game.

It is located on the Jemison planet, one of the planets where players can engage in multiple missions.

In New Atlantis, many players have mentioned glitches where players can earn chests.

The simple can grant players thousands of credits to buy or customize different items.

Players have experience with characters swimming, flying, and missing locations in the New Atlantis.

Unfortunately, other players cannot sabotage the glitch due to wrong locations or lack of technique. 

Abusing the glitches or using Money Console Command may not be the best way to obtain the credits or skills.

Nonetheless, it can be an excellent experience for players in the game.

How To Use The New Atlantis Glitch In Starfield?

If players are trying to use the glitch to earn a considerable sum of credits, be sure to follow the steps;

1. Land In The Commercial District 

Players should enter the New Atlantis location in the Jemison Planet.

Initially, players should have a boost pack in the inventory; it would be best to have rank 2 for the boost pack training in Tech.

Further, players should reach the commercial district to find the chest faster.

Commericial district
Land in the Commercial District of the New Atlantis.

2. Head To UC Distribution

After players reach the signboard location, players should walk straight through the path.

Further, be sure to pass through the Outland and Gal bank and enter inside the door.

starfield glitch
Enter the door just beside the Gal bank.

Many players have used the tree to progress through; try avoiding them as players can experience other glitches like swimming.

Further, ensure to follow the stairs that will take players to the roof.

3. Search For The Door

Players will see a door close to the roof; it is not actually accessible, but players can go through it when it is glitched.

starfield new atlantis glitch
Enter through the door of the roof.

Then, players should glide through the map area and search for a tiny gap.

Moreover, players will not take any damage while abusing the glitch.

4. Grab The Chest

Following the route, players will see chests that obtain credits or items. 

The initial chest, including the Jemison mercantile vendor and Terrabrew Vendor, will have fewer credits and less valuable items.

When players follow the route, they will receive the chest with a credit of around 70000  from the ship services vendor’s chest.

starfield new atlantis glitch
Use the E button to take the credits.

After players receive the credits from the chest, they can reset it so vendors can regain their money.

Players should not rest or wait on the ship on the Jemison planet; players should go to Venus for a faster reset.

In addition, explore the landing area on Venus and rest on the ship.

Further, players should wait for at least ten local hours in Venus.

When players head there, this will reset the vendor’s credit in the New Atlantis.

So, players can sell any ship parts or ship to the technician.

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The Bottom Line 

The New Atlantis glitch can be used to obtain more than 70000 in credit from the ship vendor’s chest.

Players can use the credits to build and customize any ship from the fleet. 

Moreover, players should reset the UT time if they want to sell any items, as the vendors won’t have enough credits to buy them.

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