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Kitchen Sink Or Sensible Starfield: Which To Choose?

The option of Kitchen Sink or Sensible occurs in one of the events in the Starfield game.

However, players are finding it extremely difficult to select a side due to probable future consequences.

The Dilemma of Kitchen sink or Sensible option occurs in the Overdesigned mission when players meet Jules. Players should go for the Kitchen sink option as they will receive a Kepler R spaceship valued at over 60000 in the event.

Continue reading to learn if players should select Kitchen Sink or Sensible in the Starfield.

Kitchen Sink Or Sensible: The Dialogue Option

The Kitchen Sink or Sensible option appears in the Overdesigned mission in Starfield.

After interacting with Walter Stroud, players can start the mission after completing the main quest, Starborn.

Jules De, one of the game’s NPC, asks the question about the sink.

However, players need to visit the Stroud Eklund-Staryard and search for a left door in the corridor to meet her.

kitchen sink or sensible starfield
Meet Jules in the Stroud Eklund-Staryard.

She appears to be in a meeting with a few other individuals; however, she greets players as Walter’s consulting friend.

If players continue the conversation with her, she will present players with multiple options.

The first two refer to sensible budget and kitchen sink proposals.

kitchen sink or sensible starfield
Jules presents multiple options for the players.

The options are presented as kitchen items even though the meetings are all related to spaceships.

Players will have the right to select the dialogue and proceed with the mission accordingly.

Kitchen Sink Or Sensible: The Dilemma

Selecting any of the dialogue options will have an impact on future events, so analyze the given procedures wisely;

1. Sensible

The Sensible budget in the dialogue refers to building a low-budget ship.

Due to less width, cargo and other modules, the board cannot include every component.

Hence, players will have to persuade Frank to stay within the budget.

Further, players should visit the mission board and complete two missions.

Lastly, players should meet Jules and interact with Stroud, who will reward players with a ship.

2. Kitchen Sink

The kitchen sink option refers to building a  high-budget ship.

However, players must persuade Jules to pass the proposal to the board members using persuasion skills or using the credits.

To progress through, players must go to the mission board and complete bounty and a transportation mission.

Ensure to select the missions with higher rewards and return to the Staryard after completing the mission.

Over there, players should continue the dialogue with other board members and meet Walter Stroud to earn a reward.

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Kitchen Sink Or Sensible: Selection

If players are willing to earn a reward with a higher value ship, they should go for the Kitchen sink dialogue.

Players will receive Kepler R as a reward valued over 60000.

Kepler r
Receive Kepler R by selecting the Kitchen sink option.

However, players must complete two missions to receive the unique ship.

Also, players should have Rank 4 in piloting skills to use the ship.

On the other hand, if players choose the Sensible budget option, players must only complete one event.

Unfortunately, selecting the option is not worth it as Players will receive Kepler S, valued at around 24000 creds.

Thankfully, using that spaceship only requires three levels of piloting skill.

The Bottom Line 

If players are confused between the kitchen sink and the Sensible budget option, choose the Kitchen sink dialogue.

Moreover, players will receive Kepler R, which is far superior to Kepler S. 

Players can either customize the expensive ship or sell it to a vendor for a higher margin.

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