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How To Fix The Old Neighborhood’s Quest Bug In Starfield?

The Old Neighborhood is a quest or mission in the video game “Starfield.”

In this quest, players assist Sarah in her search for her missing brother within a dangerous area controlled by hostile gangs.

However, players are claiming that there is a bug in The Old Neighborhood quest.

To fix “The Old Neighborhood” quest bug in Starfield, try restarting the game, loading an earlier save, and reporting the bug to Bethesda.

Continue reading to discover what is the Old Neighborhood quest, its bug and how to fix it.

What Is The Old Neighborhood Quest?

The Old Neighborhood is the second primary mission in “Starfield,” an eagerly anticipated video game.

It commences in the Alpha Centauri star system, with players stationed at the New Atlantis landing site.

The quest’s initiator is Sarah Morgan, and completing the preceding quest, “One Small Step,” is a prerequisite.

Moreover, the mission’s primary goal is to help Sarah find her missing brother, Moara, amidst dangerous gang-controlled territory.

You must help Sarah to find her brother in the old neighborhood quest.
You must help Sarah to find her brother in the old neighborhood quest.

Along the way, players will unravel clues, engage in dialogues with various characters, and encounter numerous challenges.

Completing “The Old Neighborhood” rewards players with 400 experience points and 8000 in-game credits.

Further, it unlocks the Constellation gear and Sarah as a companion for future adventures.

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Explore The Old Neighborhood Quest Bug

The Old Neighborhood Bug is a glitch that occurs in the main quest of Starfield.

In this quest, players aid Sarah in finding her missing brother and escaping hostile gangs.

The bug becomes problematic when Sarah’s dialogue becomes stuck.

This prevents players from progressing further in the quest and effectively halts their advancement in the game.

The Old Neighborhood Bug is more than just a minor inconvenience; it significantly impacts the player’s experience in Starfield.

This quest is one of the early ones in the game and offers insight into the game’s lore, gameplay, and graphics.

Furthermore, it involves a mysterious artifact related to the Constellation faction, which plays a crucial role in the game.

Fixing this bug ensures a smoother and more immersive experience for players.

This allows them to unlock new opportunities and choices that shape their Starfield adventure.

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How To Fix The Old Neighborhood’s Quest Bug In Starfield? 

To fix “The Old Neighborhood” quest bug in Starfield, you can try the following steps:

1. Restart The Game

Begin by saving your current progress if you haven’t already. Then, exit the game completely and restart it.

Reloading the game can sometimes help reset certain elements and resolve minor bugs.

However, choose the latest save file from where you left off.

2. Return To An Earlier Save

If you suspect a specific action or event triggered the bug, consider loading an earlier save file.

This earlier save should ideally be from just before the bug occurred.

You might avoid triggering the bug again by replaying the quest from this earlier save.

3. Report The Bug To Bethesda

If you continue to encounter the bug despite restarting and loading earlier saves, it’s essential to report it to Bethesda.

Bethesda relies on player feedback to identify and address bugs.

Visit their official support site or join their Discord channel to submit a bug report.

Provide as many details as possible, including your platform, a description of the issue, and any relevant screenshots or videos.

Bethesda’s development team may investigate and work on a patch or provide a workaround to fix the bug.

3. Community Forums And Updates

While waiting for a potential fix, consider checking Starfield’s official community forums to discuss the bug.

Other players may have encountered similar issues and might share their experiences or workarounds.

Additionally, stay informed about official announcements from Bethesda regarding game updates and bug fixes.

Bethesda may release patches to address known bugs and improve the gameplay experience.

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The Bottom Line

The Old Neighborhood Bug in Starfield can be a frustrating obstacle for players, hindering their progress in a highly anticipated game.

However, players can overcome this issue by following the suggested abovementioned solutions.

Developers must promptly address and resolve such bugs to ensure a smoother and more enjoyable gaming experience.

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