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Sabotage: A Faction Mission In Starfield

The Sabotage Mission in Starfield is a thrilling adventure that unfolds within the intricate web of Ryujin Industries.

As you embark on this quest, you’ll uncover secrets, confront a hidden mole, and navigate a web of intrigue that will test your wits and resourcefulness.

The Starfield Sabotage Mission engages the players in tasks related to Sabotage, such as Manipulation, infiltration, and decision-making. Completing it not only progresses the game’s storyline but also rewards you with valuable experience, currency, and gear, enhancing your character’s capabilities for future challenges in the game.

Get ready to engage in covert activities, make critical decisions, and earn valuable rewards on your journey through the Sabotage Mission in Starfield.

What Is Starfield Sabotage Mission?

The Starfield Sabotage Mission is a task or job you can undertake in the video game Starfield.

In this Mission, you’ll be involved in secretive Sabotage activities, deliberately undermining and damaging things.

You may have to perform actions that hinder or disrupt certain operations or objectives related to a specific faction.

The Mission involves various tasks, challenges, or goals related to this act of Sabotage.

You earn rewards such as experience points (XP), credits, and med packs upon successful completion.

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How To Unlock Starfield Sabotage Mission?

Unlocking the Sabotage Mission in Starfield involves a series of steps. Here are some of them;

1. Begin On Volii Alpha

Start your journey on the planet Volii Alpha, which is part of the Volii System.

This is where your adventure in Starfield kicks off.

2. Progress In Ryujin Industries

To unlock the Sabotage Mission, you’ll need to advance your progress within Ryujin Industries, one of the factions in the game.

Completing specific tasks and quests related to this faction is essential.

3. Complete The Key Ingredient Quest

As part of your progression in Ryujin Industries, make sure to complete the quest called The Key Ingredient.

This quest serves as a prerequisite for unlocking the Sabotage Mission.

4. Locate Masako

Keep an eye out for Masako, an important character in the game.

She will be the one to provide you with the Sabotage Mission once you’ve met the requirements.

5. Accept the Sabotage Mission

When you encounter Masako and meet the prerequisites, converse with her. During this interaction, you should receive the Sabotage Mission.

Accept the Mission to begin your journey into this intriguing quest.

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How To Complete Starfield Sabotage Mission?

Completing the Starfield Sabotage mission requires careful navigation and execution.

Here’s a step-by-step guide to help you accomplish this mission:

1. Meet Dalton In His Office

Your journey begins by meeting Dalton in his office on the Executive Floor of the Ryujin Industries HQ.

During your conversation with Dalton, choose the appropriate dialogue options to learn more about the mole within the company.

meeting dalton
Meeting Dalton in his office.

2. Take A Seat In The Conference Room

After speaking with Dalton, head to the conference room and sit.

Wait for Dalton to arrive, as he will provide critical information about the mole’s identity.

3. Meet Veena In The Neuroamp Division

The next objective is to locate Veena in the Neuroamp Division.

Follow your map or quest markers to reach this section of the facility.

Engage in a conversation with Veena to gather information about the mole and the situation.

meeting veena
Meeting Veena in the Neuroamp division.

4. Use Manipulation On DeMarcus

To proceed further, you’ll need to unlock a sealed room.

Use your Manipulation ability on DeMarcus to convince him to open the door.

Remember to press F to open your Scanner and E to access your Social Skills, selecting Manipulation when targeting DeMarcus.

5. Complete The Assigned Objectives

Once DeMarcus unlocks the door, proceed into the secured area, where you’ll have additional tasks to complete.

This may include interacting with various characters, retrieving items, and making critical choices that affect the Mission’s outcome.

Follow the Mission objectives and dialogues carefully to progress through the Sabotage Mission.

Rewards After Completing Starfield Sabotage Mission

In the Starfield Sabotage Mission, you can earn several rewards for your efforts.

  1. Completing the Sabotage Mission grants you 350 XP(Experience Points), contributing to your character’s overall progression.
  2. You receive 8400 Credits as a reward, essential for purchasing the game’s items, equipment, and services.
  3. You’ll get three Med Packs to restore your character’s health during challenging encounters.
  4. The CQB-X may refer to a weapon or item that enhances your combat abilities. 
  5. Operative Helmet and Operative Armor enhance your character’s defense and stats in combat.

The Bottom Line

The Sabotage Mission in Starfield is about engaging in secretive activities to undermine specific objectives or operations. 

This Mission offers an engaging and secretive adventure within Starfield.

Your efforts in this Mission result in substantial rewards, including experience points, credits, med packs, and valuable gear like the Operative Helmet and Armor.

These rewards prepare your character for the exciting and challenging journey ahead in Starfield’s vast universe.

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