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Why Is Fitness Challenge Not Working In Starfield? Fixes

The fitness challenge in Starfield increases the oxygen, thus making exploration of the world of Starfield a lot easier.

However, for most players, the challenge is working as intended. 

The fitness challenge is not working in Starfield because of a lack of information on the mechanics and a potential bug. Players can fix the issue by contacting the devs and learning the mechanics.

This article discusses the fitness challenge and why it is not working in Starfield.

What Is The Fitness Challenge In Starfield? 

The Fitness challenge in Starfield is increasing oxygen availability for your character. 

This challenge allows players to upgrade the Fitness Perk four times. Furthermore, each rank significantly increases your oxygen capacity. 

However, rank 4 of the perk allows players to use sprint and power attacks with significantly lower amounts of oxygen. 

Thus, increasing the rank for this perk can be quite beneficial if you plan on exploring Starfield’s planets and stars. 

Players can increase their fitness through a challenge within the perk. The challenge is to deplete your oxygen reserves completely. 

However, it does not end there; players must go until the red bar, which signifies the CO2 meter fills up. 

After players do this 20 times, the perk will rank up. The other ranks of the fitness challenge will comprise similar requirements.

Players can expect it to have variations from the first one. 

Thus, you must invest significant time if you plan to level this perk up. 

Note: The Fitness challenge will increase your oxygen capacity by 10%, 20% and 30% in the first three ranks. However, it will not increase your oxygen capacity in the fourth rank.

Why Is Fitness Challenge Not Working In Starfield? 

For some players, the fitness challenge is not working in Starfield.

However, we have noticed that in most cases, it is due to one of two reasons. 

Here is a list of reasons why the fitness challenge is not working in Starfield:

1. Potential Bug

You may encounter a potential bug if you cannot progress through the fitness challenge. 

This is the case for a few players as well. However, if you perform a file integrity check of the game, it should fix itself. 

2. Misunderstanding of Mechanics

The mechanics for completing the challenge can be a bit difficult. 

Mainly because players must deplete the entire oxygen meter and then fill up the CO2 meter. 

However, in most cases, players stop after depleting the entire oxygen meter. Thus, as a player, you may have misunderstood the mechanics. 

With the reasons for the challenge not working in Starfield, we will look into fixing the issues. 

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Fix Fitness Challenge Not Working In Starfield

Players can fix the fitness challenge not working in Starfield through a few steps. 

Here is a list of steps that players can take to fix the fitness challenge not working in Starfield: 

1. Contact the devs

If you encounter this issue and suspect it is a bug, you must first bring this information to the devs. 

Players can contact the Bethesda devs for Starfield, and they will patch out the issue as soon as possible. 

Furthermore, as mentioned before, perform an integrity check, which may help you fix the issue. 

2. Learn the mechanics

This is less of a fix and something that players must learn. This is mainly because if you do not learn about the fitness challenge’s mechanics, it will seem like it does not work. 

As mentioned earlier, players must deplete the oxygen bar and then fill it with the CO2 bar to count as the completed challenge.

Thus, if players are not doing this and only completing until their oxygen bar is gone, the challenge will not register. 

So, please understand this mechanic before going for the challenge; otherwise, you will be wasting your time. 

Deplete oxygen bar for challenge starfield
Deplete the oxygen bar completely to fix the challenge bug

The Bottom Line

Players can face various issues within the game due to potential bugs or not correctly understanding the mechanics behind the function. 

However, the issues are easily fixable after gaining proper information. 

Hopefully, this article can guide you in fixing the fitness challenge not working in Starfield. 

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