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Location Of Offense Fire Exit In Lethal Company

Many players are searching for a strategy for fire exit in the Offense in Lethal Company.

As Lethal Company is a horror co-op game, the emergency exits can be handy while battling mysterious creatures.

To get through the Fire Exit in Offense Moon in Lethal Company, players should locate and walk through the pipe, locate the water tank and search the right side of the tank.

Continue reading to explore Offence Moon’s Fire Exit in Lethal Company.

What Is Offense In Lethal Company?

Lethal Company is a survival game where players can explore various locations, including moons and Planets and tackle mighty enemies.

Players must have map knowledge, utility usage, and team coordination to boost their chances of living.

One of the similar map locations that needs vast knowledge is the Offense moon, which has Hazard Level B.

Offense is a moon with Intermediate level difficulty that has a higher number of loots.

Moreover, Offense is a moon of dry condition that has similarities with Assurance, the Easy-rated Moon.

Players will have just a single entrance and a fire exit while fighting or running away from the creatures.

Some of the Fauna on the Moon are Eyeless Dogs, Forest Keepers, Earth Leviathans and Circuit Bees.

However, the enemies’ timing depends upon the Moon’s condition: morning, day or night.

offense moon lethal company
Enter the Celestial Body: Offense 21.

To increase survival chances and loot, visit the Moon in the morning or day and avoid a rainy day.

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Lethal Company Offense Fire Exit

To reach the Fire Exit in Lethal Company Offense, follow the given procedure,

1. Deploy The Ship

Before visiting any moon in the Lethal Company, regardless of the condition, players should enter the moon name on the System.

Hence, players must enter OFFENSE in the computer and enter CONFIRM in the Fortune 9-OS.

Fortune 9 OS lethal company
Enter the moon name and type accept.

Later, players should head to the Cockpit and deploy the Enter Game function.

2. Land On Offense

After encountering a large pipe, players need to run and jump off the ship railing to reach the fire exit on the Offense.

hazard level b moons
Walk on top of the large pipe in Offense.

Further, Players should walk on top of the pipe and search for a water tank.

3. Use The Fire Exit

Players can locate the Fire Exit just on the right side of the Water Tank in a small booth.

Furthermore, players should tap the enter button to use the Fire Exit and wait a few seconds.

fire exit offense moon lethal company
Press E for the fire exit.

If players can not reach above the water pipe, they should reach near the tank through the ground and use the ladder.

fire exit offense
Reach the fire exit through the ladder.

The Bottom Line

Fire Exits are available on every planet and Moon for the safety of the players to overcome the enemies.

However, finding the fire exits is extremely difficult due to the complexity and vast locations.

Thankfully, in the Offense moon, multiple ways exist to reach the exit, including the ladder and from above the pipe.

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